Graduation Fashion Show Arnhem


My husband Ron got himself an assignment which involves a design shop related to ArtEZ. Which is (freely translated) an Art & Design University. Situated in Arnhem: the fashion capital of The Netherlands.

Above photo:  my husband in front of the design shop (called Coming Soon):

So, believe it or not, last Thursday, the lucky so-and-so sat front row at their Graduation Fashion Show 2013. Not me… , no, … him.

And to add insult to injury, he sat, separated only by an aisle, next to Viktor & Rolf, our famous Dutch Fashion Designers who made Princess Mabels wedding dress (see their 2013 collection).

They graduated -years ago- from the same university. Here is a photo to prove their presence:


Ron did arrange tickets for the show the following day, but that was his only day off and he works so hard lately. I could not bring myself to accept it. He deserved a bit of a rest.
But I did make him take photos. To show you some examples of the graduation clothes. With proud parents in the audience.

Below: at the left you see the front of the dress. And the photo on the right shows you the back.


Below: watch the front and the back of the hats. 


Hope you enjoyed it. Ron certainly did. Believe it or not: he loves fashion shows. Always has done. (I can assure you: he is straight. LOL)


  1. 10 June 2013 / 18:33

    I wish to be there, like a parade unconventional. I like fashion shows … Lucky you.

  2. 10 June 2013 / 20:24

    I’m sure, we like the same woman… Do not be angry, it is a joke!

  3. 10 June 2013 / 20:26

    It would be great to see the show, but there will be a next time. Not to go has been a sign of love, and so sweet of you…

  4. Marianne van den Berg
    10 June 2013 / 21:08

    Wow what an oportunity. Ron in the fashionscene how about that!. That must have been quite an experience. Good girl you are giving your hubby a day rest. Must be love.

    • 10 June 2013 / 22:22

      Must be love, love, love.. that is a song.And yes Ron in the fashion scene is exciting. My yellow ochre trousers are prove of that.

  5. Rebecca
    10 June 2013 / 22:33

    Fun fashion show & cute husband! Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and your descriptions of what you feel works or doesn’t work about your outfits. You definitely have a flair for putting things together.

    • 11 June 2013 / 05:45

      Thanks Rebecca, but not really. I just get a lot of help. But I am glad you enjoy it.

  6. Barbara de mul
    11 June 2013 / 00:35

    Hey Greetje, that looked like a lot of fun. Who graduated top of his or her class? it’s clear your husband had fun. Great post. maybe you should check out the Antwerp Academy graduation fashion show?

    • 11 June 2013 / 05:48

      If such things cross my path, I like to see it. But there is little time in my life to go look for it. Antwerp, like Arnhem has quite a reputation.

  7. 11 June 2013 / 01:16

    Oh, the things we do for love. But it’s so sad you weren’t able to enjoy some of this yourself. Tell Ron thanks for letting you share some of the pictures, they are so entertaining. Although is it just me, or are some of these fashions simply laughable?

    • 11 June 2013 / 06:00

      I am not really suffering. He made the photos. Far more than I am showing. That is good enough for now.The clothes probably have to be extreem before you start “downsizing” them to clothes that sell. But I think we don’t have the ability to see how that can be done. Viktor&Rolf can. I saw a designer once describing why he voted for a contestant in a design show; why a design was good. And I knew I could never see that.

  8. 11 June 2013 / 03:07

    Ron, was so lucky, front row seats within close proximity of Viktor & Rolf!The fashions are full of color, cool prints, flowy fabrics, sleek and well accessorize. Great photos and hopefully the students future is bight and full of success. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  9. Happiness at Mid Life
    11 June 2013 / 08:28

    I have never attended a fashion show. Love that your hubby enjoyed it and took pictures for you. He’s a good man!Alice

  10. 11 June 2013 / 11:12

    How wonderful! And what a pity you could not be there! Great picture of Ron by the way and thank you Ron for taking these fabulous pictures!

  11. 12 June 2013 / 01:58

    Fantastic designs! This show proves that fashion is art. I love the model with the white pantyhose over her head. Not as a joke but seriously. Why not? I love your blog. Anyone who loves laughter is my kind of gal. Thanks so much for the link to Fascinating Aida. These women are superstars. Your husband is a cool guy.

    • 12 June 2013 / 07:19

      Glad I could return the favour. There must be more laughter! As for the pantyhose over the head… A bit difficult to see well? On the other hand, impracticality never stopped women from fashion designs before.

  12. 12 June 2013 / 15:45

    Great post, cool pics, lovely husband;-).

  13. 13 June 2013 / 08:54

    I love what I see, so up my alley, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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