My husband Ron got himself an assignment which involves a design shop related to ArtEZ. Which is (freely translated) an Art & Design University. Situated in Arnhem: the fashion capital of The Netherlands.

Above photo:  my husband in front of the design shop (called Coming Soon):

So, believe it or not, last Thursday, the lucky so-and-so sat front row at their Graduation Fashion Show 2013. Not me… , no, … him.

And to add insult to injury, he sat, separated only by an aisle, next to Viktor & Rolf, our famous Dutch Fashion Designers who made Princess Mabels wedding dress (see their 2013 collection).

They graduated -years ago- from the same university. Here is a photo to prove their presence:


Ron did arrange tickets for the show the following day, but that was his only day off and he works so hard lately. I could not bring myself to accept it. He deserved a bit of a rest.
But I did make him take photos. To show you some examples of the graduation clothes. With proud parents in the audience.

Below: at the left you see the front of the dress. And the photo on the right shows you the back.


Below: watch the front and the back of the hats. 


Hope you enjoyed it. Ron certainly did. Believe it or not: he loves fashion shows. Always has done. (I can assure you: he is straight. LOL)
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