Citytrip to Maastricht

Citytrip to MaastrichtWe were supposed to go to Paris in September for a couple of days. Dog sitter was arranged, the invitation to the big brocante market Chatou had arrived (remember last year?)… and Ron got a kidney stone. Very painful for a couple of days, hospital etc. but fortunately in 5 days he was back on his feet. Only the kidney stone is still there and will be removed in October. You can imagine that he doesn’t really want to go too far away in case the darned stone decides to descend again. Instead of Paris we opted for a 2 days citytrip to Maastricht. This is a magnificent old town in the deep south of our country, 2 1/2 hours drive from where we live (that is far for us Dutch). View Post

Shopping in the Nine Streets of Amsterdam

Shopping Saturday 9 streets (3)_LRHi!!! Here we are again, three colleagues and friends who just love shopping. As soon as one shopping spree is over, we plan another one through our text message group called “Shopping Saturday”. See our previous “adventures” here, herehere and here. December 12, we decided to go shopping in the Nine Streets of Amsterdam. A beautiful neighbourhood with little shops, cafes, canals, old buildings and above all…. the best atmosphere. I have shown you the neighbourhood before (here and here). I had warned the girls that I was on a financial diet and had already broken my vow with buying “the bag“. The lesson I learned (well… already knew): don’t bring me into temptation. I cannot resist. View Post

Shopping in Amsterdam Leidsestraat

SAM_4652_LRMy friend Helena and I realized that we had not “done” any shopping in Amsterdam Leidsestraat yet. Which was easily put right. So in my holiday, we set out to make this documentary. All in the course of good journalism. And in your interest. Purely professional. Nothing to do with actual shopping. It was the story, the pictures we were after. Yeah … right…. so much for that plan.  It was an expensive day. I must try and find another Amsterdam angle. Any suggestions dear readers? View Post

Black poncho, cream trousers

Here we are again with black and white….. According to Suzanne, B&W is going to be a big hit this spring and summer. Boy, am I ahead of things. LOL
This poncho was made by a young designer from Young Designers United (YDU). It is adorned with black Swarovski crystals. A very simple and effective design.

As usual I tend to overdo things like adding a necklace and such. Luckily I hear Chanel’s voice more and more, saying: “when in doubt, leave out the last accessory”. I have to take that a step further and leave out the last two accessories.
I am striving for classic with a modern twist. Not for “more is more”. OK, OK… I can hear you think…. sometimes I do like “more is more”. Call me fickle, I am a woman.

Starting the photos with the best result in my opinion. Which is without a collar shirt and with long boots.
As we go along you will see the poncho with a poloshirt and the poncho with a necklace and patent leather shoes. The latter are really nice, but not in this outfit (too many focus points).

Nicely covering my bum and creating hips.


Of course there is an animal in the pictures. Can you see my cat Sophie, on the right from the brown pot, hiding underneath the bushes?

Above: with a polo shirt.
Below: with polo shirt, necklace and patent leather shoes. Too much.

Hope you enjoyed my journey.