Not changing your style can be dangerous

I was interviewed for the blog which flattered me enormously. (For those who are interested, here is the link:

When I answered the video questions I had to think quickly, which lead to a mistake. Because I said that my style had not changed much after my 30th. And I think and sincerely hope that this is not true. I am now 58.

Everytime when I look at “before” photos of a “Make-over” in a magzine I think horrible things like:
Oh girl, really! Those boots, those leggings, that short sweater….. really, you cannot do that anymore. Your body does not move as smoothly anymore as it used to, which is necessary for this style.
But I am afraid I might be exactly the same. It is so hard to see yourself as other people do.
The mirror does not give me a reflection of myself, but gives me my own perception. Nearly the same word, spellingwise, but, oh boy, is there a difference!
I can upload two photos of outfits that make me hesitate. But to you, not knowing me, it doesn’t say much. You have to see me move. Difficult issue.
With the first photo it is the small jeans jacket that bothers me. It looks good in the photo and it gives me a waist, but I am afraid it is too childish for me. In the second photo it is the wide white skirt. Again it gives me waist but…….
Greetje (Greta)





  1. 30 September 2012 / 14:17

    Hi Greetje. Well done! Never realised you started this! What a great name for a blog! But if you ever get serious about blogging, register your own domain name as a blogspot domain name is no good at all. In fact I checked if it was available and went ahead and registered it for you. My present for you. Let me know when you want to start using it for this blog!

  2. 6 October 2012 / 18:28

    I wish you would carry on with your blog. I can feel you have so much to say and wear to inspire us all.Love you in that cute skirt and chunky green necklace.I will be your first follower if you do.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • 18 November 2012 / 20:21

      You can be my first follower as I am going to start. Just posted a new item.

  3. 22 October 2012 / 02:28

    love the skirt. Looks really pretty on you. Only problem with the denim jacket, I think, is the scarf. I’m pretty sure without the scarf, that jacket is perfect on you (that said by the owner and daily-wearer of about 20 scarves,maybe more! )

  4. Stella Scott
    22 December 2012 / 21:40

    I think the jeans jacket is great on you! Didn’t see you move, but It should be great, waist and all. But no shawl! :-)If you want to turn this into a more professional blog (you should!) I have the perfect coaching program for word press to recommend. Everything from how to write to all technical aspects of how to set it up and running it. I’m forever grateful!

    • 23 December 2012 / 16:18

      Oh please give me the details. So far I have a technical man designing my website in WordPress. But it is not finished and I have never worked with it. He tells me he will make it very easy for me. But anything I can learn myself, would of course be helpful.

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