To my amazement there are actually people reading my articles on this blog. Not many, anyone over 1 is a surprise for me.
So I got inspired to do another post.

Yesterday I was shopping with two younger colleagues. And we helped the economy enormously. Also had lots of laughs. The three of is is often too much for a shop or a café. When I impersonate a small barking dog at the top my lungs, my friends kill themselves laughing and the shop is in an uproar.

Anyway, here is a picture of the red T-shirt I bought. Have not really found a good match for it yet. But I will keep on searching in my wardrobe until I find the perfect match.

Well……. I cannot upload a photo from my computer????!!! How did I do that before???
There is much to learn. I will come back soon.

Found it…. how can I be so stupid…. See my next post.

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