A yellow coat from a thrift shop

First I will try to upload photos. Oh gosh, succeeded. That was so easy that I feel very ashamed.
Anyway… here we go. Restarting this blog.

I have made over a hundred outfit photos for the Style Forum of the blog 40plusstyle.com. As the name says, it is a blog for women of 40 years and older. As I said before, I am 58 haha.
Having made so many photos and getting such a nice respons on my own blog from people all over the world, made me decide to start blogging myself regularly. I will not abandone 40plusstyle.com as I thoroughly enjoy that as well.
Let us start with my thriftshop buy: a yellow coat by Stile Beneton for 59 euros. I thought it was a steal.
The purple faux fur “scarf” was a present from my husband and is brand new (50 euros).

My husband suggested that I needed purple gloves to match. Silly man…. as if I need encouragement in this field. One hour and one thrift shop later I came home with purple leather gloves for 18,50 euros. What are the odds of that? They fit me like….. a glove.
The 7/8 black trousers have proven to be very, very useful as well. More about them in my next blog.
(Does a blog date itself? I bet it does. If not, it is now Sunday the 18th of November 2012.)







  1. 18 November 2012 / 23:54

    Thank you Josep-Maria. Actually the scarf is purple, but I cannot catch that colour on my camera. Very strange.

  2. 20 November 2012 / 01:38

    Hi! Are the comments moderated? I commented yesterday but it does not show here. Anyway, I said I am happy you decide to blog more frequently as I love your style- which I saw many samples of at 40+ Style, and I also thanked Josep-Maria for his Moda Madura board on pinterest which led me to so many interesting blogs of ladies over 40.

  3. 20 November 2012 / 12:26

    Oh! I see that your blog improving every day. I love the cover photo and you have increased the size of the other photos. Just a suggestion, you should put some tracking system, as tracking Bloglovin or email. So his followers would know when you update the blog. Best regards.

  4. 20 November 2012 / 23:24

    Hi Katty, your comment is showing and no, to my opinion I am not moderating comments. I will hire a technical man though and ask him to teach me some more of the technics behind a blog. Don’t know a thing about it. Was quite pleased with myself that I could get a photo at the top of the blog. Although it is too large to my taste.I will, certainly in the beginning, repeat a lot of photos from the 40plusstyle Forum (sorry, have to begin somewhere). Josep-Maria: yes I want a tracking system like email. I always like that with other blogs as well. I will ask my technical man. Really …. I have to take a week off to master all this.

  5. 21 November 2012 / 03:49

    Oh please please please do not change your cover photo! It is so welcoming!

  6. 21 November 2012 / 09:23

    Hahaha, well I will leave it there for the time being, but if I keep this blog up, I will have to change it in the future as I grow older.

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