I have a nice purple dress which I combine with a purple/green necklace and green shoes.
I did not have purple shoes and choosing black shoes is not a challenge. So after discovering this necklace, I remembered I had green shoes. Why not?

As I was encouraged to try and make more than 1 combination with a clothing item by the women on 40plusstyle.com, I tried the dress with two scarfs. This attempt failed, we can safely say.

I am showing you the right combination first.

Now you will see the dress with an orange scarf which is too big and too long.

And with a multicoloured scarf, fastened in a cowgirl fashion. Only a few women get away with that style (like f.i. a friend of mine…). I clearly do not.

You learn more from your mistakes than from your successes, therefore I am not afraid to show you the failures too. As I say at the top of this blog: live and learn (and yes, you may also laugh).

What I will have to learn with this blog, is how to resize my photos in a way that you see only one size and not different sizes. And I have to improve the quality of the photos as they are not always that good.
I am getting camera lessons and already know that good daylight is essential. However, I live in a small house, with a small garden in The Netherlands. Half of the time it is raining or winter here and photos have to be taken indoors. I am working on a trick, but will show you my old photos first. Will you stay with me?

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