Grey green baggy trousers. Right and wrong.

Because showing failures got such enthousiastic comment, I decided to show some more.
Failures??? No problem. I have lots of them.

This time my baggy trousers. Dangerous territory for a women of 58. Dangerous territory for women who want to please men. Because hardly any man likes this look. Pity. I cannot help it…. I love these trousers.

The high heels in the first (right) outfit and the nice, cream coloured jumper, are what the trousers need.
As a sort of compensation.



The jacket which I tried later and the orange scarf are both hopeless.

Tomorrow I will show you some more photos with these trousers.With sneakers !

Have a nice day or sleep tight.



  1. 22 November 2012 / 01:47

    hi! Love those trousers. I am trying to find good harem pants. I’ve always loved the look but never wore a pair before.So, the first look is divine! But, what ould you say is the reason the second doesn’t work? You don’t pair baggy and baggy? Is the jacket silhoutte not appropriate? Is it the colour? Do you know beforehand what is gooing to look good and what won’t?

  2. 22 November 2012 / 07:59

    With the failures, yes, it is the shape of the jacket which makes the wrong silhouette. I need something that shows waist, something tight on top. A fitted jacket would be better. I have examples of a fitted jacket wiith these trousers as well which proved it. Also the colour of the jacket is too much of the same. But the worst is the style. Too boho.Do I know beforehand what looks good and what not? Hahaha, no girl, not at all. I am not a very good stylist. Other women (friends, shop assistant) or my husband have to point me in the right direction. That is why I can show you so many failures.

  3. 22 November 2012 / 10:09

    I do not think you’re right, I’m a man, I’m not gay, and I love these pants. I like the style casual and carefree. It is not necessary for a woman to stand out your body, to be attractive and beautiful. The outfit I think is great, pants and sweater.

  4. 22 November 2012 / 10:18

    I wonder what you will say tomorrow (or for me tonight), when you see these trousers with sneakers. I will also show you the back. They are truly horrible. Haha.

  5. 22 November 2012 / 13:37

    Nice work Greetje! New follower just by mentioning in the coffee corner! Love fashion and high heels too. And love to see you in sneakers!

  6. 22 November 2012 / 21:29

    Hi Kitty, I am so pleased that you will follow me. You are very welcome.

  7. 23 November 2012 / 15:41

    Greetje, I love the baggy trousers with the offwhite wool (?)cardigan. Looks just great on you. And I am in the lucky position to view you (and your outfits) real life :).And.. great pic of you on top of the blog. Totally you. You rock girl!

    • 23 November 2012 / 21:40

      Sabine, you are such a dear. And such a stylish woman. You should have a blog.

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