Party skirt with purple blouse and cream blouse

I showed you my multicoloured silk suit yesterday, still contemplating whether I would wear it for Christmas.
Looking at it again, I decided it was too much summer and party and searched for another outfit.

My friend Anja gave me a whole bunch of skirts this summer which did not fit her anymore.
She is a size small now. I am not.
I am a size large believe it or not. In English sizes: a 14. In Dutch sizes a 40 and in Italian sizes a 44.

Back to the pile of skirts… In that pile was a beautiful black skirt embroidered with black beads. Ideal for Christmas. Which is why I did not wear it this summer. It was obviously a winter skirt.

The question was “what to wear on top”? I decided it had to be something tight, something that would show my waist. A normal fitted jacket was out, because it would cover part of the skirt with the beads.
A short jacket was an option but I only own 1 short jacket, a red one.
(Come to think of it, that might also work. Red is a Christmas colour. I will have to try that later.)

I opted for two similar blouses. One in purple and another one cream coloured.
Give me your opinion. Which one looks best?

First I made a photo indoors (above) as it was storming outside.
Then I decided the light was significantly better outside (below).

Changed into my other blouse as the wind was getter worse (below) … bye-bye hair-do…:



As you can see in the photo above on the right, the wind was really fierce. And it was cold. The things you have to endure when you are a model hahaha.

DETAILS…. beads and evening purse.

So let me know: purple blouse or cream blouse? Or should I search for something completely different because you dismiss the outfit all together?




  1. 25 November 2012 / 23:10

    The skirt is gorgeous, I love the fabric from which it is made and the details are embroidered on it, is superb. The proposal with the shirt is pretty clear, but I prefer the purple solution is more sophisticated. In the photos do not look like a size 44, but is a perfect fit for the clothes look beautiful. The photo with hair flying is fun.

    • 25 November 2012 / 21:16

      Yes, I have added that “flying hair” photo, exactly because I also thought it is fun.Besides a passion for clothes,I have a great need for laughter. I love laughing and making other people laugh. I also tend to favour the purple blouse. I am curious to see what others think of them.

  2. 25 November 2012 / 23:43

    Greetje, my dear I’m so glad that you started to put your outfits and your experiences here in your blog and not just confined to the 40+ forum!!You have a quality that deserves it.About the skirt, it’s really awesome. And I prefer it with the purple blouse. Strange, because I normally like very much black and white.I agree with josep, you don’t seem to be a UK 14, but you’re a very tall woman, so it makes sense.On another note I love your picture on the header, you look beautiful with your killer smile.Love your way.xoxo

    • 26 November 2012 / 14:39

      Thank you for your kind words. And I am 5ft74 (1,75 meter).Thoroughly enjoying myself with this blog.

  3. 26 November 2012 / 01:19

    Purple blouse definitely! It makes you stand out. That is one beautiful skirt, btw

    • 26 November 2012 / 14:41

      Thanks Katty. They only reason why I hesitated was because the outfit is a bit dark.

  4. 26 November 2012 / 08:58

    I like the cream blouse myself. It’s a very pretty skirt – but if you’re a size 14 you must be very tall! I’m a size 14 in English sizes too, and I know my hips are not that small. (:

    • 26 November 2012 / 14:45

      Hi Heather, so nice of you to visit my blog. I am 5ft74 or 1,75 meter which is not extremely tall. I have no hips and a very scrawny little but. Easy to hide so I always take those “flaws” into account when I buy new stuff.

  5. Anonymous
    26 November 2012 / 13:42

    You say purple, in the photos it looks blue. Beautiful skirt. Crean is “kinder” for your complexion. Patski x

    • 26 November 2012 / 14:48

      Oh dear.. some of you are for purple (definitely not blue) and some for cream. Perhaps I have to go eeny, meeny miny moe…??

  6. 26 November 2012 / 17:12

    I prefer the purple. But how about a dress? Nothing says party like a nice dress!

    • 26 November 2012 / 19:25

      Sylvia, how nice of you to visit. As if you have not got enough to do.Much appreciated.I just picked up the perfect black dress (custom made). It does not say party though, just wow. On the other hand, a black dress is like a blank canvas… you can do so much with it. I also have a red dress, but that is more office-style.As we will be with a very, very small group, I think the above outfit is more appropriate.

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