Python jacket Versace
I nearly forgot to give you the third and last episode of my grey green baggy trousers. As I promised.
Which was also caused by the fact that I did not want to bore you with three times the same trousers.
But, a promise is a promise.

So herewith my baggy trousers for the last time.
I combined them with a jacket and I combined them with a leopard print top and leopard print vest. Which happened purely by chance. I had the top on and wanted to see whether I would still fit the vest. As the vest is at least 10 to 15 years old. Then I looked in the mirror and thought: hey… that is actually quite exciting.

Truth be told, I wore this outfit with the python high heels, which is nicer as you already know. But I have not got any photos of that.

To give this article something extra, I started with a photo of my python coat. This was a very good buy at a thrift shop. (Seem to be doing pretty well these days at thrift shops.)
The coat is by no less than Versace Jeans Couture and it was a steal. It is a featherweight and as soft as the skin of a kitten.

I quite like my animal prints. Hope you do too.

PS There is a lovely challenge going on at the blog  40 + style challenge
Challenge is to create 2 outfits that combine 3 colours and 1 pattern. Here is an example of how Sylvia has done it. I am a big fan of the outfit on the right. Perfection to my taste.

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