Lemon green jacket

I know I should have resisted buying this jacket, but I am weak.
Saturday I was in Amsterdam with a friend, “doing” the shopping area called “the nine streets”. This is one of the nicest shopping areas you can image. We only covered three streets from 11 to 15.00 hours. Of course we went for coffees and lunch as well, but every shop, one after another is só nice, you cannot pass it.

We were talking about our pitfalls and I told her that my biggest pitfall is always falling for clothes that really stand out, that draw attention. Buying such items gives me a wardrobe full of pieces which cannot be combined as they compete with oneanother. I need basics and the creativity to make good combinations and add a twist. (I am bad at that, really bad.)
I had just finished telling her this, when I saw the jacket in the window, went in and bought it.

Arguments against:
Is this jacket basic? No.
Is this jacket easy to combine with other clothes? No.
Can I wear it much without the risk of people saying “here she is again with her lemon green jacket”? No.

Arguments in favour:
Do I love this jacket? Yes.
Is this colour a right colour for me? Yes.
Is this shape, the right shape for me? Yes.
Do I “need” another top to fully use these trousers? Yes.

4 Argument in favour and 3 against. Case closed.




Till tomorrow.



  1. 27 November 2012 / 20:35

    I LOVE that jacket. It fits you so well! Great buy. I have a feeling that perhaps you’ll be able to pair it with more things that you initially think.xo,Terry


    • 28 November 2012 / 00:15

      Don’t know Terry. I am not that good in combining. With black trousers is easy. As it is a longer jacket, it usually does not combine well with a skirt. Any suggestions as to colours? Than I will look if I have items in that colour. Haha..anything for free advice.

    • 28 November 2012 / 00:20

      I would start by sticking with complimentary colors. On a color wheel, greens are complimentary to reds. I think some deep reds and burgundies would look very good with that jacket. I can see perhaps a white shirt, and some burgundy pants, or perhaps even a skirt might look great with it.It never hurts to start out more safe by sticking to complimentary colors. Once you start to feel more comfortable, you can start branching out more. xo,Terry

    • 28 November 2012 / 00:27

      Have not got burgundy trousers (I have learned your language from Englishmen).. but I have reds (and purple and orange), so I will look at those items. Thank you for this free advice. And so quick… LOL

    • 28 November 2012 / 00:31

      It’s absolutely my pleasure. I love fashion and style. My dream job would be a personal stylist, so I am happy to help people any way that I can. 🙂

    • 28 November 2012 / 00:57

      And you are good at it. I just love fashion, so I will not aim for a job as a stylist. I just have not got it in me. Which does not stop me from getting nice outfits. There are lots of people in my circle of friends who are good at styling. I think it needs an artist eye. It is like architecture… All about proportions.

  2. 27 November 2012 / 20:36

    My opinion is that this jacket is beautiful and the outfit you propose with the all black is perfect. I think it is a winning combination. The jacket is very colorful, but I think things can be combined with many different colors and if you complete the outfit with beautiful accessories (scarves, coarse scarves, necklaces, hats, etc …) the result will be very good and highlight what most will not be the color of the jacket. The rear view looks good, does not resemble previous pants outfit. 🙂 I love the first picture and the way you put your hands.

    • 28 November 2012 / 00:31

      HAHAHA, yes those first trousers were really bad at the back. I totally agree. And still there are fans. There are actually people that say: those trousers are supposed to be like that. Also at the back.Posing for photos is really difficult, especially after you have taken quite a few. Also my smile sometimes gets frozen after a couple of takes.But your advice of scarfs is a good one. Don’t know about necklaces… Might that not be too much?

  3. Rachel
    28 November 2012 / 01:34

    Greetje, Hello from San Diego, California! I am so grateful to have found your blog (via 40+Style). Please know that you are inspiring! Thank you for sharing your fashion — I really benefit from seeing your beautiful choices. Your personality really shines through. 🙂 Thanks again, Rachel

    • 28 November 2012 / 00:37

      Thank you Rachel. I am so amazed by comments like yours. And flattered. But More amazed. I don’t think I am that special at all. Just love doing thhis.

  4. Anonymous
    28 November 2012 / 11:16

    If you had hung on to the one you gave me a few years ago ( same colour) you coul have saved yourself some money! Try it with the lacy skirt you had on a few days ago. Seems like you have a few “expert” stylists following your blog. What do I know? Can’t comment on “special” in relation to fashion, but as a person, you are! X Patski

    • 28 November 2012 / 13:36

      Achhhh, you are such a dear Patski. And although you are not into fashion blogs, you are certainly a better stylist than I am. Always have been. As well with clothes as with interior decoration. Those two things seem to be inter-connected (is that a word?). You can buy, say 7 (more basic) pieces and create 21 outfits. All stylish. Which is exactly what I cannot. Why do you think the clothes in your shop window sell so well?

  5. Anonymous
    28 November 2012 / 12:55

    Forgot to say, your jacket brightened up my grey rainy day ! Patski

    • 28 November 2012 / 13:39

      And you, still following my blog, does the same thing to my day.By the way, the lime jacket I gave you is more springtime and shorter. I will try my new lemon green jacket on the lacy skirt, but I am afraid it might be too long. I will report back.

  6. 28 November 2012 / 17:23

    I envy you for being able to look so great in a colour like that:) And it’s a lovely fit, too – looks tailor made!

    • 28 November 2012 / 19:01

      everybody their own colours Nanne. Fortunately I know my colours and limegreen is one of them. Plus colours like orange, burgundy, purple, red, olive etc. And no it is not tailor made, just stretchy. Which is risky, but with a bodyshaper you can minimize the risk. LOLThe Red Peplum top I posted on the 19th of November was tailor made.

  7. Katrien
    28 November 2012 / 19:21

    I love this one Greetje, one of my favorite colors too! I had a lime bolero once whit a white skirt with graphic colored flowers. That looked good together color wise. Grey green should also work well with it. How about trying it with your grey green wide or baggy pants? Oh and why didn’t I realize you have your own blog as well……

    • 28 November 2012 / 20:11

      Hi Katrien, I wanted to get this blog into shape a little before I started to “spread the word”. Slowly getting there. I have had some loyal followers from day 1 who kept me very happy.The jacket would not work with the grey wide trousers as the first is for winter and the second is for summer. The baggy trousers might be nice.I already have quite a few combinations for them, but it could be a very interesting combination. Have to try it.Gosh, with so much advice from everybody I have my own styling team. YEAH

    • 29 November 2012 / 08:11

      Thanks Sylvia. I am going to follow all tips and make more combinations.

  8. 30 November 2012 / 06:14

    It’s fabulous and it looks amazing on you! I can see it with a skirt or jeans or anything really. When did we decide that a perfectly fitting bright color jacket wasn’t a basic. I think it’s perfect!

  9. 30 November 2012 / 11:56

    OK point taken. I have written down all suggestions and will try them out. I will come back with the results one day.

  10. 21 December 2014 / 20:42

    I am so glad your inner argument won in favour in the end with the purchase of this jacket. I looove this piece, not only the colour but also the cut. Sometimes having an odd colour makes it a match for everything and as a solid colour you can easily throw patterns in the mix. Great find. It’s hard power shopping with friends because there are simply too many pastry shops and restaurants in between.

    • Greetje
      21 December 2014 / 22:48

      Ooohh.. great thinking! Pattern mixing with this jacket. That will be fun. I cannot think of much more than a black/white or blue/white triped top but still, that is more than I came up with.

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