Lemon green jacket and D&G suit.. the sequel

To show you that I take you seriously, I have tried a couple of the things you advised me:

  1. paired my lemon green jacket with jeans
  2. pinned up the skirt of my D&G suit (you can see the pins in the photos.. hihi)
  3. tried my D&G suit with more colour at the top

The lemon green jacket with the jeans is no problem. I really like it. These jeans were inexpensive and from an unknown brand but they are even better than my 7For all mankind. Which is why I photographed my bum   so conspicuously.
I have also paired this jacket with my little black dress, which you will see another time.

I am not so sure about taking up the skirt, though. I think it makes the suit more ordinairy. The longer skirt gave it something special in my opinion. Or am I the only one who thinks this?

Colour at the top of the black suit is not simple as the buckle doesn’t sit in the middle Which makes a longer necklace a bit awkward. A short necklace will hardly be seen due to the lapels. Perhaps a simple short gold (= shiny) necklace? But will that match the new “buckle” of rhinestones?
The scarfs in the photos are not something I would wear. I think it makes me look old (-fashioned).
Darned, why did I lose that buckle (it was black)……

Well dears, have a go at it. I am anxious to hear your comments.





Sleep well or have a nice day.



  1. Katrien
    2 December 2012 / 20:26

    Looking good with the jeans. I like your suit best in the original version with the bling bling and without the scarfs and don’t shorten the skirt.

  2. 2 December 2012 / 20:45

    Really lemon jacket can be combined with various things, the proposal that combined with jeans is perfect. You look good in that outfit, elegant and youthful. I really like how it suits you this jacket.The dress is beautiful with the scarves. I really like the last outfit, is beautiful and looks good without the clasps from another post. The other proposal, small handkerchief, looks good too, but I remember a flight attendant. 🙂

    • 2 December 2012 / 21:29

      I think you just hit the nail on the head Josep-Maria. Thank you very much for this insight: if I shorten the skirt of the D&G suit it becomes a flight attendant suit. And a scarf makes it even worse. I wonder what the other readers are going to say.

  3. 2 December 2012 / 21:26

    I tend to think the same Katrien. Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

  4. 3 December 2012 / 03:26

    Hi dear! You look stunning in the jeans outfit! Love it! -MIA, busy week, next will be too-. I too like the skirt longer. It makes it more classy. Have a great week and keep those outfits coming!

  5. Anonymous
    3 December 2012 / 12:37

    You need to get Ron to “karacher” clean the moss of the terrace, it’s spoiling the photos! Funky shoes with the black suit might work. Xx patski

  6. 3 December 2012 / 12:59

    Haha, we like the moss.And thank you for this perfect solution… That is what the suit needs: more modern shoes. That will take away the flight attendant look. You are so good at this.

  7. 3 December 2012 / 14:57

    I love the lime green jacket with the jeans, great combination! Now that I see the skirt pinned up, I have to agree with Katrien and Katty. It does show off your lovely legs better, but the shape of the skirt itself doesn’t look as good. And funkier shoes with the suit will do the trick:)

    • 3 December 2012 / 16:18

      I will use other skirts and dresses to show off my legs and use this suit for the fifties look.

  8. 3 December 2012 / 19:49

    I LOVE the look you created with the jacket and the jeans. Very stylish!I’m also in agreement with you about pinning the dress up. I really liked it as it was.xo,Terryhttp://terrys-two-cents.blogspot.com

    • 3 December 2012 / 22:57

      To me anything goes with smart jeans. And Patski came up with more modern high heeled shoes which I think is a clever solution.

  9. Anonymous
    5 December 2012 / 20:25

    Greetje – do not shorten the skirt. It will ruin the line of the suit. I like it the original way I saw it – with the pins to match the new buckle. The style is strong enough to carry the outfit without color or pattern. Of the two scarf looks – I prefer the one tucked into the neckline. The lemon jacket is fabulous but those jeans steal the look. They fit you so well – make you look curvy! You are an inspiration.USA Suzanne

    • 5 December 2012 / 21:41

      Agreed, I will not shorten the skirt. I will however wear more modern shoes with it. And the jeans are my favourite because, indeed, they make me look curvy. The jeans of “7 for all mankind” do the same, but the ones I have are too low in the waist. I should look for a new one.

  10. 9 February 2016 / 05:49

    Few people could wear that green but it looks terrifc on you. Lucky you! Thanks for joining us on My Refined Style.

    • Greetje
      9 February 2016 / 06:23

      Mind you Jennifer, since I changed my hair colour to blond, it is more difficult to wear this colour. But I just pull a face like “don’t I look gorgeous?” Haha.

  11. 11 February 2016 / 06:03

    I like the green jacket with jeans. My favorite skirt length is just below the kneecap. Thanks for lending your flair to the My Refined Style Linkup. See you again next month!


    • Greetje
      11 February 2016 / 20:34

      And thank you for your nice comment Shellie.

    • Greetje
      20 February 2016 / 08:18

      Now that I turned blond, the lime jacket is a little less nice on me, but I just pull a confident face. That helps.

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