Sinterklaas Saint NicholasThis Sarah Pacini suit had to be published today. You see, in The Netherlands, today (December 5) we celebrate Sint Nicolaas, who is a sort of a “colleague” of Santa Claus. And Sint Nicolaas has helpers, who wear wide trousers.
The tradition dates way back when the bishops in Spain (were Sint Nicolaas is coming from….) had Moor servants. A lot of people nowadays are against portraying the Moor servants with faces which are made black. Of course now we know this is discriminating. There are still people who say “hands off of our tradition” but luckily more and more people say “stop this immediately, you are hurting people”.
The discussion divides the country while this feast is the highlight of the year in our country. A solution is sought by applying black smudges on the helper’s faces as you see in the photo above. From the chimneys they allegedly climb down to deliver the presents.

Today’s outfit resembles a Moor outfit. Which is why I would not dare wearing it today.
I like this outfit a lot. It is the same sweater as I wore a couple of days ago with the red cowboyboots.
And the shoes are the same as shown yesterday.

It is very comfortable and the “bow” at the back is perfect for my figure.

The green bag is for the “pop” of colour. As is the necklace.


I have noticed from uploading all these outfits, that I have a lot of black clothes. Also a lot of tops which are all cut the same way at the top at the back. Strange… I should vary a bit more.

Above: see what a bodyshaper can do? LOL


Hope all you Dutch readers get lots of presents from Sint Nicolaas tonight.

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