Orange Max Mara combination

My husband and I were walking into a department store where they displayed this combination on a mannequin.
Husband: “I think that is really nice”.
Me: “I totally agree”.
Husband: “OK, then I’ll buy it for you”.
Me: “Oh, don’t be silly. That is really nice of you, but there is no need. So no thank you”.

We turned a corner and I thought to myself: “Why did I say that? Why? I really like it, I have no money at the moment. He likes buying me presents…. why would I stop him?”
So I turned around and said: “On second thoughts, yes please.”

And my husband is a very generous man, so I got this lovely combination. It is really for spring or fall as the trousers are a sort of in-between-material. The sweater is quite warm. Strange.

Again, it does not look too good at the back. Really broad shoulders, hardly any bum. Luckily the dog is in the picture, attracting attention.




I really had to laugh terribly loud over a joke                             Our beloved dog Charlie (she is a girl).
my nextdoor neighboor made over the fence.                             Breed: Korthals Griffon.




  1. Katrien
    4 December 2012 / 23:27

    I remember this one, nice. I am not sure about the shoes though, could use something bolder ‘stoerder’. The sweater will also look great on those black pants you showed the other day from la dress.

    • 4 December 2012 / 23:12

      I have several black trousers, so yes I could use them as well. I disagree on the shoes though. The shop assistant and I were convinced it had to be high heels. If you wear boots over the trousers, you would hide the black rim at the bottom of the trousers. Which is a shame.They are too tight to wear boots underneath the trousers. So what is left are booties-kind of shoes and I don’t like them.

    • Katrien
      5 December 2012 / 00:16

      I agree that it needs high heels. These are perhaps to round and ‘netjes’ for me. The bold Mondriaan lines ask for a bolder shoe. But, if you are happy, I am happy.

    • 5 December 2012 / 00:39

      I thought the shoes were quite bold. They have a big, sturdy heel. And yes I am happy. Very happy. Especially with this blog and the fact that I get views and comments. So nice.

  2. Marianne van den Berg
    5 December 2012 / 00:11

    This is not your everyday outfit, it has some special features that makes it special. I would wear just plain black shoes, because there is already a lot happening in the whole outfit, with these special effects. I am glad that you turned back to buy it. I think you have a bum in it, I see the curves.

    • 4 December 2012 / 23:16

      I think it works so well because of the black lines. A bit like Mondriaan. Which is why I think the sweater looks nicest on these trousers. But of course Katrien is right in saying that it would also look nice on black trousers. And I have paired the trousers with several summer tops: excellent.As far as the shoes go…. you have not convinced me. Love you anyway.

  3. 5 December 2012 / 05:36

    I love it! Very sporty chic. You’d fit right in here in Los Angeles.

    • 5 December 2012 / 15:07

      I don’t mind visiting Los Angeles but I very much love to live in The Netherlands. To me this little country is paradise on earth. In spite of the weather. When I do visit Los Angeles, I will remember to pack sporty chic clothes.

  4. 5 December 2012 / 06:16

    Yes this is a nice outfit. I think it looks good on the back to, it’s just the pose that is not so flattering. If you would pose for your back picture like in your first, it would be a different story. I would love to see you combine both pieces with other clothes. They are both so versatile and would look great with some of your other clothes.

    • 5 December 2012 / 15:04

      More combinations coming up. Especially in spring. Anja has already styled these trousers. And a friend from work (Sabine) also did. So you are right (as usual)they are both versatile.

  5. 5 December 2012 / 10:31

    Yesterday I could not open your website, I thought you’d changed your address, ugh! I love the asymmetrical cut of this sweater, it’s beautiful. The color is also very nice and goes well with the color of the pants, which are beautiful. The back looks perfect, even without a dog, you worry too much and do not have it. You have a very generous husband that lucky.

    • 5 December 2012 / 15:14

      Not being able to find me was a problem because my site-address was moved from one host to another. I was in agony.You see, Sylvia of, had registered the name for me in July as a present. In case I was ever to take up blogging. She loved the name and wanted to prevent others from claiming the domain name. Very sweet of her.Now that I started we transfered the name from her to me. And that process gave the hick-up.Fortunately everything is solved now. I learn a lot of things…..I am glad you like this outfit. And I love my husband very much and his generousity is a bonus.

  6. 5 December 2012 / 18:37

    Love this outfit, it says “I am so much Fun”. You are going to love those pants, they will make a lot of shirts just pop. And, what a great husband you have, especially one who notices good fashion. You have trained him well.

  7. 5 December 2012 / 19:01

    I love this outfit, but I have to agree with Katrien regarding the shoes. Personally I think that a pair of pointy toe black flats (for comfort would look great, perhaps in patent leather, something like these:… or these: <a href="… />- or pointy toe heels if you prefer that, of course:)

    • 5 December 2012 / 18:19

      Ah.. problem here. Flat shoes do not look good on me with my flat feet. And I have a very low instep. Great for getting into boot with no zipper but your feet look very ugly, broad, long and big in flat shoes.As far as pointy toe heels are concerned… are they back in fashion? They were out for a while. I have seen a couple on runways but wasn’t sure they were catching on.

    • 6 December 2012 / 13:13

      Ok no flats then:) It definitely seems like pointy toe heels are getting back in fashion, I started spotting them around the web last summer, in fact!

    • 6 December 2012 / 23:07

      I have to admit I don’t know whether I am pleased with that news or not.Oh well, when they are in the shops and our eye gets used to them, we buy them.

  8. 5 December 2012 / 19:14

    The best bit is… I did not train him at all. He is like that, a kind soul.

  9. Anonymous
    5 December 2012 / 21:08

    Greetje – I am so pleased I found your Blog! It is amazing. 🙂 I love this outfit from head to toe. It fits you perfectly and is modern, bright, and youthful. I am sure that is what drew your husband to it. He is a sweet man and I know you appreciate him. These are happy clothes to go with your happy life. Your USA Sister, Suzanne

    • 5 December 2012 / 19:21

      Oh Suzanne, I am so, so pleased you found your way to my blog, like more 40plusstyle women have. You know I like you and I can laugh so much with you. This blog is not only about clothes and outfits but also about laughs. Quite soon I am going to show some failures again. They are always the best. Also to learn from. I am asking my viewers to be really honest in their replies. I can handle that and it makes the blog more interesting.Hope you will visit in future as well. I am posting every day (….). Quite a challenge with a more than fulltime job. But I am loving it.

    • Anonymous
      5 December 2012 / 21:21

      Now that I have found you – you won’t be able to get rid of me! You know I love to tease you. 🙂 I commented on the 5 posts before this one too. I am very excited about your outfits and about the stories you share. The one about your surgeries was especially touching – so honest and brave. It gave me a lot to think about. USA Suzanne

    • 5 December 2012 / 21:35

      GOOD! The one about the surgery has “me” written all over it. I will stay true to myself.

  10. Anonymous
    7 December 2012 / 22:44

    I think the neckline of this top is more flattering than many of the boat neckline tops you have worn in many of your last posts. Patski x

  11. Anonymous
    7 December 2012 / 23:55

    Back on thec”boat neck” tops, these work very well well when your shoulders, neck and face are suntanned, in the winter, in my opinion, not do well. Patski

    • 8 December 2012 / 11:56

      It was not until I started taking photos of my back and posting them, that I noticed the same thing. You are right. I should be more careful with a boat neck at the back. It is better higher up.

  12. Anonymous
    7 December 2012 / 23:57

    I meant, not so well! Patski

  13. 10 April 2013 / 13:13

    Chic, sophisticated and contemporary! It really looks great on you. (it’s good also at the back)

    • 10 April 2013 / 14:18

      You are sweet Dan, but no it does not look good at the back haha. Never mind. We all have flaws.

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