Kermit green jacket with peach/black scarf

I love this jacket and wear it quite a lot. Even though it is a very bright green. Almost neon, but you cannot see that on these photos. Pitty. Could not get that right.
The jacket is by Marlene Birger, the trousers are Hoss and the scarf is a present from my friend Anja. She brought it with her from Singapore.
The scarf was just lying on my bed when I was trying on the jacket for something else. Suddenly I thought of Catherine who has a blog called Not Dressed as Lamb. I love her style although I am more moderate than she is. Catherine is a very good stylist and a perfect photographer. Which is probably why her blog is really popular.

Because she inspired me to pick up the scarf, I call this outfit “my Kermit Green Jacket with a Catherine twist”. Normally I wear black high heels with this outfit. But for comfort I thought of these ballerinas with a small wedge. Having flat feet, I do not like flat shoes. I have them though and wear them because my feet need a rest from time to time.

Because there is not a lot of space in my house, you see my kitchen and corridor in the picture below:

I also took a couple of photos without the scarf. But outside the colour is even more off.

Shoes in detail.



  1. 9 December 2012 / 12:36

    Today we see a bit of your kitchen, kitchens also? 🙂 🙂 Pardon the joke. I love the jacket and scarf, but I just do not see them together well. I like the outfit without the scarf, I see it more balanced. The set is gorgeous black and green. The result of hairdressing, perfect. I’m not flattering, single observer. 😉

  2. 9 December 2012 / 15:25

    I am sorry, but this is not the result of the hair dresser. This photo was taken 2 weeks ago.When I post a picture with my “new” hair-do I will tell you.Don’t know what you mean with your joke, but you may make as many jokes as you like. I love that.As far as the green jacket is concerned, I will post it in the near future with jeans and a white blouse. I bet you will prefer that.

    • 10 December 2012 / 01:03

      The joke was: if you work and you prepare outfits, you have time to cook?

    • 10 December 2012 / 10:47

      My cooking is very bad. Not my best side. I can prepare potatoes, vegetables and meat. And preparing may not take more than 30 minutes. That is it. So my husband and I cook in turn. A 50/50 deal.

  3. 9 December 2012 / 16:09

    I like your tiled kitchen floor:) I’m not to sure about the peach and green color combo, though, but the scarf itself is beautiful. I’d love to see it with that black dress from some days ago! (And perhaps the black and white scarf with this outfit?)

    • 9 December 2012 / 15:58

      I am photographing another black dress with all sorts of things, scarfs, necklaces, earrings. Coming up.Funny how you do not like the peach and green colour combo. I thought it was the best thing I ever did.

    • 9 December 2012 / 22:19

      It’s a good idea, but I think perhaps a more pinkish scarf will work better? I think the peach scarf is a rather warm color and the green of the jacket a cooler color (at least in the photos), which might be the reason for the combination seeming slightly off to my eye. But you know, it’s a matter of taste and as long as you love it, you should definitely go ahead and wear it:) The jacket and the scarf are both great items of clothing!

    • 9 December 2012 / 22:53

      Indeed the colour of the jacket is different in real life. I have to ask some assistance with my camera and its colours. I cannot get purple (becomes blue) or bright green (becomes dull).

  4. Marianne van den Berg
    9 December 2012 / 18:26

    I must say I like the jacket with something around your neck, I think that it looks like the obvious when you wear it without any accessories. Then the colour green of the jacket is the only thing that stands out.

    • 9 December 2012 / 19:33

      And we have one fan voting for the scarf. Thank you Marianne. It is noted.

  5. Stella Scott
    10 December 2012 / 22:43

    Hello!I found you through 40+ and plan to join. Just wanted to say I love this outfit – with the shawl! I think you can change color as you please and perhaps match with shoes now and then for an even wilder look.KindlyStella

    • 10 December 2012 / 23:27

      How nice you want to follow me. I always get excited when a new viewer joins us. You are, of course, very welcome.At the right side of this blog you can subscribe to new posts and/or comments. But you can also just come back every day. I always post at the same time.

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