Before I went to the hairdresser (…) I photographed this jacket with my charcoal coloured skirt.
It was cold outside, but the jacket is nice and warm. Which is why I only wear it when it is freezing cold. Especially because it is an indoor jacket.

Sometimes when I wear it and the heating is high up, you can see steam rising up from my neck. My head becomes red and flustered and I regret having the jacket on.

I used to combine it with a lovely faux fur brownish skirt. But that was a long skirt and it didn’t fit me anymore. (Would probably have fitted after I had my waist liposucked, but I already gave it away before I thought of that.)

As the jacket is quite an eye-catcher I chose to put black sturdy boots on and not the cream coloured boots which I also own.

Above: standing underneath the dripping tree…. Getting pretty wet.

Reveiling a bit of leg. Sorry guys.

Till tomorrow

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