Christmas disillusionments…. I had a few this year.

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This article will hopefully make you laugh. At least that is my intention and for that I am “sacrificing” looks for laughs. As these photos do not show a lot of beauty, apart from the beauty of my stepdaughter Nicky who is celebrating her 27th birthday today.

We had a lovely afternoon on first Christmas day. With presents exchanging (not planned, still nice) and laughter. Followed by a very nice meal from the caterer (as I am a bad cook and I did not want my husband to slave over the food all day. Especially not because I am the one who has to clean the kitchen afterwards.)

My husband Ron and Nicky went outside for a sigarette and I photographed them. Ron does not really smoke. Just one very 2 months or so.

Above: yes, we wear clogs in The Netherlands, but only at farms and muddy, slushy gardens. Not in town, Ron is just one of a kind and he likes clogs.
Below: he could not resist acting silly and Nicky, being his daughter, joined in.

Nicky and I looked at some of my outfits which resulted in a top and a jeans jacket changing owners…..
The top was my idea as I did not like the neckline on me and it looked terrific on her.

And the jacket changed owners because she (unwittingly) said it looked far Too Young on me.
The “TY-words”….aaghhh.. Look at my face below. We ended up killing ourselves laughing.

Monday you will see another outfit as I will be publishing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Two times a week was too little for me. I miss you too much.
Have a nice weekend.

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