Patent leather booties, cream skirt and black cardi

When visiting my stepdaughter for her birthday, my husband had one of his “love urges”. You probably wonder what this phenomenon entails… It means he is overflowing with love for the one(s) he is with and wants to do him/her/them a big favour.
Being his wife, I spend more time with him than other people so I am usually the lucky one. YOU CAN TOTALLY CLEAN HIM OUT when he is in this mood. Which I don’t.

This time his daughter and me were taken to a very good shoe shop and we each got two pairs of booties as a present. (He bought some lovely boots for himself as well.)

Here are my new black patent leather/suede shoes (booties?). I immediately started to combine my new shoes with what I have in my wardrobe. These modern shoes really update my old stuff. I feel terribly modern.

The colour of the top is neon lime. I bought the cardigan-jacket 4 weeks ago but I have not worn it yet. The skirt is three years old and a copy of a nine years old skirt. (A pencil skirt is a pencil skirt. Not much will change there.) My speckled tights are hard to see apart from the close-up. The light was terrible for photographing. The necklace and ring are made by Anja.

I know you should not brag about yourself but when I see a photo like the one above, I cannot help thinking: “gosh women, you might not be perfect, but your legs are”. (Sorry, not very modest.)

I need some help in photographing jewellery in close-up. Something to strive for.



  1. 2 January 2013 / 21:15

    Beautiful shoes, congratulations gift. I like this combination of black and white with a touch of yellow, is balanced and elegant. It’s a classic proposal, but, as you say, stockings and boots make it modern and daring. I really like your socks and your necklace.

  2. 2 January 2013 / 21:36

    Gosh you are quick in commenting Josep-Maria. I was not sure about the necklace and ring. Did not know whether I needed something more contemporary. But the colour was so spot on that I ignored that thought. Besides I have not got much contemporary jewellery (…yet).

  3. 2 January 2013 / 23:42

    Hi, love your style!!! I’m your new follower from Italy,just discovered your blog. Would you like to follow each other? Kisses, Lucy

  4. 2 January 2013 / 23:54

    You are still so young!! I will get an inferiority complex following you. OK I will try and just concentrate on your style.

  5. 3 January 2013 / 00:34

    Nice booties – told you that you have great legs:) I like the color combination of the outfit, but I’m not quite sure about the proportions, I think perhaps it’s the cardigan that’s a tad short? I think the skirt would also look great with your brown top (the one you wore with your brown skirt) and your tall brown boots – brown and cream are great colors together.

    • 2 January 2013 / 23:29

      You are very right in your suggestion of cream and brown. I used to wear a brown jacket with this skirt. But of course I was searching for an outfit to go with the new shoes. You might be right about the proportions. I will try a slightly longer top and see.

  6. Anonymous
    3 January 2013 / 01:12

    You have the perfect legs AND the perfect husband!!! He is so cute, makes you laugh, vacuums for you if the picture with the red dress is an indication, and he can be “totally cleaned out” when he is in a generous mood! Holy Cats! We have got to find a way to clone that man! And consider me adopted now. :)I love your new shoes. I like that they add a modern edge to what you already own. That makes them a wise investment – as well as just plain fun. But not as fun as the dotted tights! I NEED a pair of those. I think this outfit is great! Like Josep-Maria, I see it as balanced. I also think the jewelry is contemporary. I see this style on sale everywhere here, especially in the citrus colors. USA SuzannePS – try these shoes with your perfect black dress!

    • 2 January 2013 / 23:37

      Yes, more women want to clone him. Lots of them ask me whether he has a brother. He has, but also married. Don’t know about trying it with the black dress. Isn’t the dress too classic for that? But definitely with my black trouser suit. Makes it a lot more modern.(My husband smiled when I told you what you wrote. He likes your remarks.)

    • Anonymous
      3 January 2013 / 21:09

      I still wish you would try the tights and shoes with your black dress – without the peplum it is a simple shape that might do very well with the modern footwear. Ask Anja – she is such a talented stylist. 🙂 Here, everyone is wearing their Winter dresses with booties. I saw a Bottega Veneta necklace ($5,500!) today that reminded me of the one you are wearing. You can’t get more contemporary than that! I am waving at my new favorite brother-in-law Ron. :)USA Suzanne

  7. 3 January 2013 / 07:14

    Very chic shoud! I found a similar pair that were Black and Tan. It mst be an emerging trend!

    • 3 January 2013 / 08:00

      Sylvia gave me this idea. To go with my black trouser suit. And that works very well. Just have to take the hem up.

  8. 3 January 2013 / 08:14

    Love the neon lime with the black and white and the new booties are gorgeous, especially with the speckled tights. Very chic from head to toe. And yes, show off your great legs!

  9. 3 January 2013 / 13:43

    Very nice outfit Greetje. Love the colours and the creativity. The necklace and T are perfect for this outfit. Of course I think your shoes are wonderful. Comfortable, chic and hip. They tick all boxes. Now you can go and wear them with your boxy grey jacket as well!

  10. 4 January 2013 / 00:46

    Hello you gorgeous woman. Your legs are very brag worthy- they are smokin’! I see you are the famous Greetje, I see you comment a lot on Sylvia’s blog. WEll, hello! So glad you are blogging!

    • 4 January 2013 / 00:10

      Thanks Bella. How wonderful you took a look at my little blog. I have been uploading to Sylvia’s Style Forum since March 2012 and decided in November to really start my own blog. Thoroughly enjoying it.As you can see my style is much more conservative than yours but I have no problem with getting crazier day by day.

  11. 4 January 2013 / 18:31

    Gorgeous!! Love the hint of color that makes the outfit pop and the accessories. Polkadot stockings! Yes!! Fearless!!!

    • 4 January 2013 / 21:26

      Thanks Dixie. I am not so sure anymore because Nanne said the black cardigan could be slightly longer and I think she is right.

  12. 7 January 2013 / 01:34

    Absolutely Stunning Outfit! As for your legs, I say AMEN, you definitely have some beauties there. See, I told you there were some items of yours I want to own, those booties are a huge WANT as well as the darling tights. I love how you added the little details of a pair of pok-a-dot tights.

    • 7 January 2013 / 23:04

      Thanks. This outfit was totally invented by me. Nanne improved it though by saying that the cardigan should be a bit longer for the right proportions. With a little help of my friends…..

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