This time my inspiration came from looking at another blogger Dixie Beauty. She looks fabulous in cropped boyfriend jeans.

The top by Thierry Mugler is a gift from my friend Marianne and so classy that it will never go out of fashion. It is slightly tight around the waist but not too bad.
As Dixie was wearing boyfriend jeans, I whipped out mine and tried to copy the look. As we say in advertising: “well copied is better than badly created” (literally translated from Dutch).

Let us say that it took me a while to get there. (Katty, if you read this:… it is quite clear that I do not know what a combination is going to look like when I start. Trial and error)
And again, the colours are black & white with a third colour. Am I boring you yet?

I will start with the combination I like best. With riding boots (sort of). They are very, very old but I have not been able to replace them with better ones.

Then you will see the top with red shoes, which I thought was ugly after I saw the photographs (perhaps because of the colour of my tights?). So I put on short booties with socks. It looked good on Dixie but I did not like it in my outfit. Why?? I have no clue. If I knew that I would probably be better at it.

Notice how perfect the neckline of the T-shirt is with the top? It took me 4 safety-pins to get that result…

If you think: “what are those white spots on her jeans?” … they are tears. Fashionable and you pay extra for them.




Below you will see the same top in a summer version. To me this is the best of them all.
The photo was taken by Anja as a reminder when we were trying out different combinations and not meant to be put on the blog. But it is so cold here that I did not want to go outside with bear legs.

Hope you enjoyed my journey.

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