Any reader from outside the Netherlands will not know the name of the brand/shop called Pauw. Translated it means Peacock. Quite an appropriate name for fancy clothes and the women who wear them.

This shop or brand has had a good share of my wallet in the past. Especially in winter time.
This brand has many pros and cons. The clothes are horribly expensive but very good quality. They last a long time so most of their things I own are very old. They are not fashionable at all which has its upside as you want to get as much wear out of these clothes as you can get for that price. The downside is the “old fashioned lady-like” character of many of their clothes.

Today you will see an orange safari jacket by Pauw which I have combined with jeans and with my grey-green baggy trousers. The last combination was a bit of a risk, but I actually like it better than with the jeans. More edgy. And the jacket hides the bum, so no problems there either.

That dog insists on being in the photos….

Above: “What? what?”
The heels are grey-brown booties from Max Mara.

Which combination do you prefer?

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