Red short coat and a top hat

This coat is by Kenzo and timeless in my opinion. Perhaps I can update it better by wearing other shoes with it or something like that. Did not try my new modern patent leather shoes as my dearest husband gave them to me after these photos were taken. I do like these Hugo Boss boots a lot as well.

In an attempt to make the coat even more fun I added a real top hat. We bought this vintage hat years ago in its original case. My husband said it looked nice on me. But…. the next day…..when I asked him whether he dared going to a department store with me wearing the hat, he declined. I have never known the man to lie to me, so what is happening here?

I have no idea what you think of it. But I dread your opinion, haha.
So, for a more “normal” look, here are photos without the hat.

Well, I am very curious what you have to say about it.



  1. 9 January 2013 / 20:34

    I absolutely LOVE the hat! It looks great with the gorgeous jacket and the heeled boots. I would have worn it out shopping without hesitation. Fearless hat wearing is my motto.You also have a stunning background!

  2. 9 January 2013 / 21:24

    You look adorable in the hat… that being said, it would look great if you wore it while lined up along Bourbon Street at the Mardi Gras! IMHO, it’s a little “character-ish” for your usual elegance!

    • 9 January 2013 / 20:35

      So fun but don’t wear it. Which is really what my husband said too. haha.

  3. 9 January 2013 / 21:36

    PS – However, it’s important to feel comfortable. Everyone has their own level of what feels right to wear in public.

    • 9 January 2013 / 20:41

      I have to admit that I like it a lot but have not really got the guts to wear it. Not being used to wearing hats and then picking something so uncommon, will probably give me the wrong attitude. Instead of proud, I will look scared (of remarks) which will have the wrong effect.I do so admire you.

  4. 9 January 2013 / 22:17

    I basicall agree with everybody here. THe hat is gorgeous, it looks great on you and with that outfit. But for most people it belongs in fancy dress parties or Mardi Grass. That being said, if it feels comfortable wearing in in public for a shopping trip, by all means do it! Confidence is what always completes and outfit

  5. 9 January 2013 / 22:17

    The jacket is lovely and very accomplished outfit. I love the boots, they are beautiful. The look is absolutely brilliant, funny and cheerful, the hat is the perfect chic. But I, like her husband, would rather go with you, without the hat. 🙂 🙂

  6. 9 January 2013 / 22:24

    Great jacket, lovely color and shape! The top hat is a fun accessory, I say wear it if you feel comfortable in it!

  7. 10 January 2013 / 06:30

    Great coat! Red is such a good color in the winter. As for the hat I don’t know what to say. It looks almost costumy. Maybe it could be worn in the evening for a party?

    • 10 January 2013 / 22:42

      OK the hat is costumy. Don’t think I will ever have the courage to wear it. Fortunately the coat is good.

  8. 10 January 2013 / 12:10

    Agree with the others. It looks fantastic, but yes it is a bit costumy. That is not the same for every hat though and this proves to me that you CAN wear hats. However, if you want to have fun, want to stand out and don’t mind people looking at you, I would totally wear it out. But yes, you will need the confidence! It would be great for a party. It’s a great talking point and you would have lots of fun and meet many different people!

    • 10 January 2013 / 23:44

      That last sentence gives me something to think about. A conversation piece.

  9. RedTagChicLosAngeles
    10 January 2013 / 17:39

    I absolutely love the red coat Greetje….& it’s lovely how you look like you’re having fun wearing it with that hat!!!!Rebecca

    • 10 January 2013 / 22:45

      Thanks Rebecca. I will be wearing the coat a lot more often than the hat.

  10. 12 January 2013 / 01:19

    O’ my, the coat is lovely as well as stylish! It’s one of those (I want I want). I think you can do a lot with the fun hat but this coat is much too classy for that particular hat. A nice black cloche would be fabulous with this coat and you could totally pull it off.

  11. Anonymous
    12 January 2013 / 02:15

    The red coat and black boots are gorgeous – and gorgeous on you. I like the hat but doubt I would have the courage to wear it. USASuzanne

  12. Marianne van den Berg
    12 January 2013 / 19:27

    How about he other black hat you bought I think in France which is less costumy and a real piece the resistence.

  13. 3 August 2013 / 04:48

    Yours is the classier top hat (I’m right next to you on the linkup) …

    • Greetje
      3 August 2013 / 22:59

      Haha, you are right, we are next to one another with the same hat. What are the odds of that? Tried to comment on your blog but couldn’t find my blog profile. But I will reach you this way as well.

  14. 3 August 2013 / 19:20

    Your coat is gorgeous and I LOVE it with the hat! Maybe if your husband sees what great compliments you get when you wear it, he will change his mind…super look!

    • Greetje
      3 August 2013 / 23:00

      I felt a bit funny to use a winter picture, but I don’t own a summer hat. Still feel too shy to actually wear this hat.

  15. Shams
    3 August 2013 / 21:04

    That jacket is amazing!!! Wow, I love that. It looks great with the hat, but wearing a hat like that out and about takes confidence because it will be noticed. You look great!

    • Greetje
      3 August 2013 / 23:01

      It will be noticed indeed. Which is why I don’t wear it. Really. It takes a day when I am particularly brave.

    • Greetje
      6 August 2013 / 22:28

      I hate to say it, but I am a bit chicken to actually wear the top hat….

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