This coat is by Kenzo and timeless in my opinion. Perhaps I can update it better by wearing other shoes with it or something like that. Did not try my new modern patent leather shoes as my dearest husband gave them to me after these photos were taken. I do like these Hugo Boss boots a lot as well.

In an attempt to make the coat even more fun I added a real top hat. We bought this vintage hat years ago in its original case. My husband said it looked nice on me. But…. the next day…..when I asked him whether he dared going to a department store with me wearing the hat, he declined. I have never known the man to lie to me, so what is happening here?

I have no idea what you think of it. But I dread your opinion, haha.
So, for a more “normal” look, here are photos without the hat.

Well, I am very curious what you have to say about it.

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