It is so nice to have really comfortable clothes in leasure time which still look stylish. To me this cardigan  is such a thing.

As you can see, snow has fallen in The Netherlands. Nevertheless bloggers must take photos, so cold or hot,  there you are, with your camera and remote, trying to take pictures which make you look good. It takes about a hunderd photos to get 4 to 6 pictures which you dare put on the internet. I am not kidding, I am not a photogenic person. If you think “she doesn’t look that bad”, just remember the selection 4 out of 100. LOL

Back to the big cardigan.

You will see this cardigan with:

  1. jeans, my patent leather bootie/shoes, a polka dot scarf tied long,
  2. black trousers, black boots and a black and white necklace,
  3. black trousers, black boots and the polka dot scarf tied short.

You can pick your favourite.



Below with the scarf tied short.


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