This top is a thriftshop find. Quite by accident I tried it with my faux fur “scarf” and found the two were the same sort of purple. Together with my jeans and patent leather shoes, they made a very comfortable and warm combination. Rather simple but with shoes like that and a fur collar, you don’t want to add too much.

Then the trouble began.

It was snowing that day so I had to take photos indoors. Apparently because of all that white outside, the light was so harsh that I was appaled by the result. Even after 87 photos there were still no real good pictures. I looked very much my age with lots of wrinkles and bad skin. Having a bad hair day did not help either. And I did not want to wash my hair until the day after.

Therefore I have cheated a little. In two photos the light was shining through my hair, making my hair look thin and nasty, and I “added” a little hair. Not much but it made a huge improvement. And in one photo the fur collar wasn’t “styled” exactly right, showing my black top underneath… so I added some fur. Just a tiny little bit. Forgive me my vanity.

Just focus on the dog please. I used her as prop.

Till another day.

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