I am taking a bit of a risk here …again.
As the fashion industry intertwines colours, shoes, clothes, etc., I found out that those nice boots, my Hairy Harry’s as I call them, look better with really skinny jeans. Trousers which are more straight get frumpy in them.

So I bought really skinny stretch jeans. Which, for a woman of 58, is rather risky, to use an understatement (I love the British for their understatements).

The plan was to only wear them with a really long top, rather like a dress. Which, in my opinion, looks fine, whatever age. But then I discovered my collar of beads (so trendy) which was good on a T-shirt and one thing led to another and I found myself with a lot of “jeans exposure”.
The funny thing is, those skinnies make my legs look less skinny than they are. How about that? LOL

Now, please tell me… have I taken it a step too far? Should I stick to longer tops?
I am giving you multiple choice answers:

  1. Don’t you ever do this again. It looks ridiculous.
  2. OK, you can wear the jeans, but only with longer tops.
  3. OK, you can wear the jeans in this outfit, but please keep the jacket on.
  4. You look sort of all right.
  5. You look wonderful.

Below: don’t know whether you can see it, but I fastened the collar with a black brooch.

I am very curious to see which multiple choice answer you will choose.

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