Black leather skirt and kimono

This skirt was a pain. Perfect black leather, perfectly tapered, but…..what to wear with it?

In the old days when I bought it at Pauw (again, I know, it is ridiculous how much I bought there), I combined it with a  cream blouse which I have shown before. Or with a red short jacket which you will see later in time.
Problem with both items is that they are so classic. Although I don’t mind classic, I want a modern twist.
So I was trying and trying to see what I could wear with the skirt to update it. Failed several times as you could see in big black sweater failures.

My husband did not like the combinations I showed him very much. Or just a bit. Then he said: “How about your Japanese kimono?”

I know that kimonos are HOT, very trendy and this time I was ahead of things. I have at least 4 kimono-type tops. And one real silk Japanese kimono from 1930. Black and white, which is also HOT. A vintage find in Antwerp last summer and a present from my husband (yes… again. The man loves me.)

Below: trying to look debonair…


What do you think of it? Be honest please. Very good? Or very bad?



  1. Katrien
    6 February 2013 / 21:18

    Sorry Greetje, doesn’t work for me either. I like the color combination but also miss a silhouette and shape or the right proportions. A belt could work but rather on either tight black pants or actually very wide pants like those of a samurai.

    • 6 February 2013 / 23:55

      I am going to have another go at it. On black trousers I have tried and that was very good. Like your samurai idea.

    • 7 February 2013 / 06:58

      Yes, on very wide black trousers it could work well also…WITH a wide belt.

    • 7 February 2013 / 21:11

      Have not got very wide black trousers. Only grey and you lot all hate those because they are too long.

    • Aileen
      23 March 2013 / 18:05

      Sorry I am very late to this post Greetje. I have a kimono which I’ve found very hard to style. My problem is that it is shorter than yours. Just the wrong length to wear a belt with it. Using a belt catches on the sleeve arm hole, which is so long it reaches down to the waist.
      It cost me a lot of money, hence the desire to find a way of wearing it. The search goes on……….

  2. 6 February 2013 / 21:50

    I agree with the others here – I love the skirt and I love the kimono, but not together. You have many other great items to combine with this skirt, for instance your purple top and faux fur collar, your short fur jacket, the cream sweater that you wore with the brown skirt and your YDU belt, and what about your orange Max Mara sweater? The possibilities are endless, and I think that the black boots from your post with the red coat and the top had would go great with this skirt too. The kimono would look great belted with your skinny jeans:)

    • 6 February 2013 / 23:58

      Gosh Nanne… you know my wardrobe items better than I do. This is great! LOLI will continue my search with this skirt, taking your suggestions into account.

    • 7 February 2013 / 06:56

      Wow, Nanne, indeed some very good suggestions!!! And yes, the kimono would look great on black or jeans colored skinny’s, worn with a wide black, red or white belt. Like an OBI belt. On Etsy you can find lots of OBI belts.

    • 7 February 2013 / 11:22

      Greetje, I think your wardrobe is too extensive:) But seriously, you have so many lovely items that you can wear together! You could for instance take a weekend and pull all of your clothes from your closets, put them on the bed and play around to find new combinations. Takes some time, but it’s fun!

    • 7 February 2013 / 14:19

      Nanne, you clearly have not seen her bed versus her wardrobeS. Their sizes do NOT match…LOL!

    • 7 February 2013 / 21:03

      Hahaha LOL… you are so right. I once had a proper stylist in who would go through my wardrobe and make new combinations…. It took her one and a half hour to go through the wardrobe. Not much time left for the combinations. Anja and I do it sometimes as well. She sits on the bed and bosses me around. I keep saying “Don’t be ridiculous, that is no match”… and after that: “oh, that is unexpected, what a lovely outfit”.But we can only “do” 4 to 7 outfits in an afternoon. And there is so much more. I am ashamed to say.

    • 8 February 2013 / 06:31

      No shame in that. Just a whole lotta possibilities and fun left for the future;-).

  3. Marianne van den Berg
    6 February 2013 / 21:55

    I would change the boots for your new black booties, and I agree with the others there is no shape in the whole picture with the kimono open. A broad red belt may work. But still not a winner. Can’t you bring your skirt along on saterday for us to look for something to wear on top of it. Because the skirt on its own it very nice. And a b/w top has to work.

    • 7 February 2013 / 00:00

      Tried a broad belt and a small belt but I agree with you: still not a winner. Yes I will bring the skirt next Saturday. You solve it for me.

  4. 6 February 2013 / 22:11

    Maybe closed with a belt it would be better, giving this outfit a silhouet. Maybe…but actually my hopes are not high. The jacket ia too long for this skirt en the whole thing looks rather shapeless.The black Tshirtnworks well. And I expect that somwthing short on top might work a lot better. For me, unfortunately, very bad.. But that’s just me. Curious what others will say about it.

    • 6 February 2013 / 23:53

      OK dear and looking at the other responses I think I will dismiss this combination. I can still get it sooooo wrong hahaha.

  5. 6 February 2013 / 23:13

    I find it hard decide I do not see clear. I like the skirt and I like the kimono, but together? It is difficult to combine any two parts with other parts. But the image that you want to be elegant, I like it. In others, not so much. I think what I like is the black shirt with black skirt, black whole. Today, it is hard to decide. Anyway … I like your hairstyle 🙂

    • 6 February 2013 / 23:56

      You like my hairstyle… you sweet man. Always something positive to say. OK I will continue with black skirt, black shirt and a proper silhouette.

  6. Anonymous
    7 February 2013 / 02:50

    I love the skirt and I love the kimono (HOT! LOL!) but not together. I do think the kimono would look fabulous over black trousers (see – you have taught me not to call them “pants”) and you have been given many ideas for tops to try with the skirt. I think with the skirt you need to keep the entire look sleek from top to bottom. Guess what? I have not had to shovel for 2 days! And the sun actually shined on me today. I did not recognize it at first! LOL! Hubby took me for a long walk. It was so nice. Tomorrow we are under a storm watch and could get buried in snow but today was lovely and I am happy. Suzanne

    • 7 February 2013 / 20:58

      I love you being happy. And yes the kimono looks very nice on black trousers.

    • Anonymous
      7 February 2013 / 22:23

      It has not started to snow yet but it is coming! I think I will be snowed in for a while but I have all of the NY Fashion Week articles to read and study so I will be fine. 🙂 “Style.Com” has several shows pictured so don’t forget to go there. I am actually kind of disappointed in the BCBGMaxAzria runway. I expected lots of color and embroidery but I guess the Gypsies in Turkey wear black and white and little beanies on their heads as that is what is on the models. LOL! I liked the RedValentino runway as it is very German Fairytale but I can not see anyone over the age of 5 or 6 wearing those little dresses and kneesocks. There are lots of shows to see in the next 7 days.Suzanne

    • 7 February 2013 / 23:25

      Do you have enough food and water (or wine) to be snowed in?And bags of crisps… oh no, no crisps… bad for your fine figure.You should pass all your favourites from the runways on to Sylvia.

    • Anonymous
      8 February 2013 / 09:10

      I have red wine and dark chocolate and a fat magazine full of Spring fashions and the Internet so I am ready for anything. 🙂 But it did not start to snow until 10pm and I do not think we will get more than 4 or 5 inches so that is “fluff”. I can do that with a shovel. Once again the snow blower sits unused. LOL!We have 4 cases of bottled water and a full pantry of tins (no crisps or biscuits though!) in the event it is a serious storm. I know we will be fine and when it is so cold we can put the milk in the snow if the power goes out. Don’t worry. :)I have posted about the runways on 40+Style. Nothing is fabulous so far.

  7. Anonymous
    7 February 2013 / 03:10

    I like both pieces but again not together! Sorry! Also the skirt is lovely but it hides your great legs! Your hair does look good. Marie S

    • 7 February 2013 / 21:06

      You get nonchalant with the good things you have…Have to laugh over all your remarks about my hair. You guys give me smiles and make me happy about blogging.

  8. 7 February 2013 / 17:20

    All the others have said it already. I like both items and think the kimono will look great with white and black pants. I still believe that the skirt can work with a short and wide graphical jumper. Or white, either tight or short and wide, with a wide belt for a nice black and white look. And definitely wear with your black patent booties.

    • 7 February 2013 / 21:08

      I cannot do a nice belt, as the knot of the skirt is really in the way.And I have not got a short and wide graphical jumper. Which is rather a surprise with my wardrobe. Had one but gave it away because I never used it. But I do know now, I have to go for the sleek silhouette. And there is me, thinking I had found the pot of gold. (Mind you, when I looked at the photos I was already doubtful.)

  9. 7 February 2013 / 18:01

    yep, love the skirt, and that kimono is simply gorgeous! But there’s something odd about them together. I think it’s the length they both have. There’s more knowledgeable people here giving great suggestions so I look forward to seeing those pieces again in different combos. Lots to learn, thanks Gretje!

  10. 8 February 2013 / 08:35

    Did you try this, by the way, with the kimono closed and IN the skirt?

  11. 8 February 2013 / 20:52

    i like it a lot, but think it would look even better beltedbrett

  12. 10 February 2013 / 07:57

    This is a winner! I seriously love the combination of the kimono with the skirt. And, your debonair shot was perfect! You are just plain adorable.

    • 10 February 2013 / 12:44

      So the end result is: one British in favour and one American in favour. The others are against. Strange….I have decided I am against. Still, you see, tastes can be different.

  13. Anonymous
    25 February 2013 / 00:53

    Do you have a plain black vest and a statement necklace. For over it I think a very fitted blazer nipped in at waist, preferably in white or red maybe. Your kimono might look good over a dress of the same length

    • 25 February 2013 / 21:46

      Yes the kimono will be OK. I have 7/8 black trousers which are nice with them. And I have a short red jacket for the skirt, but it is a bit formal and I want to update it more.

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