Black wide skirt with raspberry jumper and polka dots

This skirt is from a thrift shop. It is by Erny van Reijmersdal, the same person who designed my cream jacket. I could not find such a skirt in the shops this winter. Apparently this style is out of fashion. A pity as this style suits me. To find this skirt (at a very reasonable price) made me very happy.

I have updated it with the polka dots tights, the small belt and the polka dot scarf which you have seen in my  big orange cardigan article. The jumper is so-called cashmere, but the price was too reasonable to be cashmere. I think. Nevertheless it is warm and very soft.

At first I only had the jumper, skirt and belt to create the outfit. Looking at the photos I thought it was a bit bare-looking. Then I came up with the tights and scarf and put other boots on.

A colleague with photographic skills took pictures of me at the office. So you see a different background for a change. There were nicer photos but they showed artwork and being in advertising, I know you cannot publish photos of artwork without the permission of the artist. Pity.

The photos were taken in a different part of the building from where I work. Don’t think for a moment that my office space looks like this. Us worker bees have to perform in much smaller rooms. Never mind, it is warm there and they have coffee. LOL

Below: I was hoisting up my skirt to show my polka dot tights. Just for fun. My husband said I could not publish this photo, but I think that is rubbish.

Below the outfit without polka dot scarf and tights and with other boots.

Below: see the bracelet? I thought that was a rather nice accessory.

Do you prefer it with or without the scarf?



  1. Marianne van den Berg
    20 February 2013 / 20:13

    I like the combination with the scarf and the polkadots tights. Like you say the other combination is lacking something. The colour of your jumper is great is it fuchsia or dark pink. I don’t know if it is cashmere but it looks expensive to me. You daredevil you wearing a bracelet like that. I like it and it makes the whole picture totally styled like a pro. You look great.

    • 20 February 2013 / 21:23

      Thanks Marianne. I thought I styled it well this time as well. As you see below, Nicky thinks the other one is better. But I don’t mind two good combinations.

  2. 20 February 2013 / 21:37

    This is my first time to comment on your blogg. I tried before as you know, but it didnt work for some reason at the time. You really look great in the pictures. Especially those in the garden. I like the combination without the scarf. Also i think that the longer boots are better. The other ones make your legs look way shorter… As i am your stepdaughter i think it is okay to say this… I think you look a lot younger without the scarf…

    • 20 February 2013 / 21:21

      You can say anything, my dear stepdaughter. I know you mean well and I appreciate honesty as you know. After all, I am inviting everybody to be critical.It does come as a surprise to me that you like the “bare-looking” outfit. But if it makes me look younger… I will probably wear it like that more often. LOL

    • 20 February 2013 / 21:35

      LOLI do like the scarf on the big orange cardigan. I think i like the ‘bare-looking’ outfit, because the colour of your shirt is great on its own and the belt is already a great accessory.Maybe it is the way the scarf is… (geknoopt.. Sorry dont know the english word and google didnt help much, but im sure my stepmom will help me out with this one 🙂 ).

  3. Katrien
    21 February 2013 / 00:52

    I agree with Nicky, I also like the version without the scarf better but probably only because of the way it is knotted, too high up? It is out of proportion with the ‘light’ proportions of the skirt and beautifully coloured jumper. I love the shorter boots but the longer ones work better in this combination. The shorter boots with the polka dot nylons indeed make your legs look shorter. Perhaps try it with neutral nylons? Love the bracelet.

    • 21 February 2013 / 20:40

      I tend to disagree on the short legs, but value your opinion. I did the scarf up this high as it otherwise clashes with the belt.

  4. 21 February 2013 / 02:03

    It’s fun and nice to see you in another landscape, even if your job. I really like this skirt, I like the flight is and tissue. The outfit is beautiful with the handkerchief of moles, and sophisticated leg stockings, which show us this way so seductive. .

    • 21 February 2013 / 20:54

      Haha Josep-Maria… Is this seductive? Gosh, I wish I had known this years ago. LOL

  5. Anonymous
    21 February 2013 / 03:19

    Okay – do not let your dear husband read what Josep-Maria said about your “seductive” pose! LOL! He will say that is why he did not want you to post that photo. :)You will be very happy to know that the fuller skirt is on-trend for S/S13. They are already in the better stores here. I think yours is the perfect length – too long and they can be frumpy, too short and they can look childish. Yours is just right. I like the longer boots with this but the dotted tights are very cute – so try wearing those with your modern black booties with this skirt. I love the pink sweater (jumper?) and don’t favor it with the scarf or without. Both ways are attractive. I think the bracelet is beautiful!You work in a lovely, modern building. It is a cool background for your pictures.Love, Suzanne

    • 21 February 2013 / 20:58

      I like both outfits as well. I will try the polkadot tights with the patent leather shoes. But I deliberately put boots on as I often find this skirt length less flattering with shoes.

  6. 21 February 2013 / 03:20

    As a winter look I like it better with the scarf. It tights the whole look and makes it cozy and elegant. I don’t think it makes you look older.Without the scarf it seems that something is missing…. maybe if you had a necklace…..Well dear this is only my opinion.Hope all is great with you. I’m still working overtime, so so much to do so little time…..Lovexoxo

    • 21 February 2013 / 21:00

      I know, I am doing overtime as well, so I understand you perfectly. Much appreciated you took the time to stop by and comment.

  7. 21 February 2013 / 03:24

    I have to add that you look stunning and the bracelet is soooooo cool!!!xo

    • Anonymous
      21 February 2013 / 19:05

      I wanted to say “Hi!” to you Seeker. We have lost a dear friend this week and my heart is so heavy but it put a smile on my face to come here and see your post. Try not to work too hard and do take good care of yourself.Love, Suzanne

    • 22 February 2013 / 03:22

      Oh my dear Suzanne…, I’m so sorry for your lost. You’re in my thoughts. Life has these moments…..
      Much appreciated darling your “Hi”. It’s always a pleasure to keep in touch with you.
      You too take care, sweetie.
      Love, xoxo

  8. RedTagChicLosAngeles
    21 February 2013 / 18:48

    I love the look with the scarf & the polka dotty tights Greetje….it looks so fun without being trashy!!!! And vavavoom when you lifted up ze skirt a bit!!!Rebecca

    • 21 February 2013 / 21:02

      Hahaha … vavavoom…. lifted the skirt… And in the sentence before you say I do not look trashy…

  9. Anonymous
    21 February 2013 / 19:06

    Greetje – I have had some very sad news. I am going to try to email you. Suzanne

  10. 22 February 2013 / 04:17

    Greetje~ thanks for commenting on my blog!Your husband may have issues if he saw my mini’s, lol!anyway, love the skirt–love its shape, its so classic. Great outfit!

    • 22 February 2013 / 20:47

      My husband always loved short black skirts and high heels, so I doubt he will have issues with your mini’s haha.
      I will visit your blog more often… if I have enough time.

  11. 22 February 2013 / 06:48

    Greetja, so good to see you again. This will come as no surprise, my favorite is by far the one with the polka dot tights and scarf. I love anything with polka dots, and the tights are simply perfect. The cute scarf is just the added detail that was missing, makes this outfit magazine worthy. I have to disagree with Nikki on this one, you have the legs that deserve to be shown off a bit and I don’t think this combination ages you in the least. The photo’s are all so beautiful, it was fun to see you in a different setting, even if you had to take them at work, (at least your still smiling). Good luck kicking this addiction. Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you next week.

    • 22 February 2013 / 20:49

      Hi Trina, so good to hear. Sylvia even published this outfit in her newsletter, which really pleased me. As your comments also do.
      And next week, you will see bright yellow.

  12. 22 February 2013 / 09:49

    Simply a lovely outfit – feminine and classic!

  13. Anonymous
    22 February 2013 / 23:06

    I like both of them. Beautiful photos. I wish my office building looked like that! 🙂 Marie S

    • 22 February 2013 / 23:19

      Again, it does not look like this where I work. But there are areas where it is even a lot more grand than I can show on these photos.
      I need to get photos with different backgrounds as it makes it so much nicer for you to look at. Just takes up even more time.

  14. 22 February 2013 / 23:54

    I love your outfit, Greetje. The fuller skirt suits you really well. I have never tried one on, my skirts are all pencil skirts but you seem to be taller and they look good on you.

    I prefer your look with the scarf. If you don’t wear it I suggest a big statement necklace.

    Your photos with your business environment look very professional!

    Lady of Style

    • 23 February 2013 / 13:42

      Thank you Annette. I am 5ft74 (1m75). As I don’t have any hips or bum, I need to create an hourglass figure with my clothes. You on the other hand have a perfect hourglass figure, so no need for wide skirts.

  15. 23 February 2013 / 17:10

    Lovely a-line black skirt! They were all the rage for a long time, and now are sneaking away. But I know what you mean. They are very flattering and easy to wear.
    I like your outfit best with the scarf. Love the pink, black and whit together!

    • 23 February 2013 / 17:27

      Thanks Heather. Suzanne already told me this type of skirt is coming back in fashion. Yippee.

  16. 23 February 2013 / 17:39

    Hi Gretje! You look stunning in that outfit. The skirt style really suits you. I love that style, but with my generous round hips, I look like a tent, hahaha. I wear long flowy skirts to make up for the tent-look! Love the office look; aren’t polka dots beautiful? I have not seen yet anything polka-dotty that I disliked or thought blah. Btw, that shde of pink looks great on you

    • 23 February 2013 / 17:50

      Yes this outfits has many things that tick my boxes. Colour, polka dots, emphasis on my waist. Have a look next week when I publish a tent, a big yellow tent, because of my generous bosom. We all have something haha.

  17. 25 February 2013 / 01:02

    You have such a great slim figure! I love the outfit, especially with the polka dots! PS: So sorry to hear about the spammers they are the worst! I do comments moderation from time to time, and don’t allow anom commenters. I wish you luck in dealing with unwanted comments.

    PS: I have an html code to add to your side bar to get the blogroll widget up I can message you the code if you’d like.

    • 25 February 2013 / 21:48

      thanks for including me Bella and for your kind words.
      I am going to see how good my digital skills are and implement the html code.

  18. 26 February 2013 / 21:29

    I love you in pink so much and the pop of polka dots is perfect.

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