When I see banners on the internet, I always think: “Are there still people who actually click on a banner?”
The answer is Yes…..When the content of the banner is interesting enough for the target group.
In this case the banner was by LaDress, one of my favourite addresses. The banner showed a yellow tunic, at a reduced price.

That was enough temptation for me, so I ordered it immediately. OK, admittedly, it does not take much to seduce me (clothes-wise I mean).

This tunic is heaven to wear as you don’t feel it. It is also a bit of a risk. With an ostentatious bosom this tunic can make you look like a matron. Or … as if your breasts are twice as big as they already are. Or….. (the worst)…. as if you are pregnant. I am showing you photos of me sideways, but believe me, I took the best ones. There were photos where all the aforementioned risks became painly clear.

This tunic cannot be worn as a dress at my age anymore. At least not in my book. But as I acquired skinnies, I could not only add those, but also booties which needed the skinnies I never had before.

Above: with black skinnies, black scarf and black booties.

Below: with jeans skinnies, green scarf and necklace and green booties.

Below: with the skinny jeans, the green boots and just the green necklace (gosh my hair looked nice that day).

Below, one for fun, with a very ostentatious necklace (I like the word “ostentatious”), and grey boots.

Below: the sideway photos……


And the back…

Till next Wednesday.

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