As I have said before, there are quite a few clothes by Pauw in my wardrobe. This jacket is ancient, at least 10 years old. I still like it and it is versatile as it can be worn in two ways. Combined with this skirt (also Pauw) it gets a bit ladylike. Nothing wrong with that as I do have the age to be ladylike, but you have to feel like a lady in the morning otherwise you will choose another outfit.

The skirt was a bit too short and it was rather tight around my waist. One of my seamstresses (I have two of them, LOL) altered it. I am not sure yet whether it “sits” as perfectly as it used to, but now it is long enough and not too tight anymore.



Below with the jacket buttoned up another way.
In the above photo you can see the folds accross quite clearly. It it stitched that way.
It is a wrap skirt and I am deliberately showing you where the side is, as normally the border pattern continues unnoticed front to back.
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