Red short jacket and black & white skirt

As I have said before, there are quite a few clothes by Pauw in my wardrobe. This jacket is ancient, at least 10 years old. I still like it and it is versatile as it can be worn in two ways. Combined with this skirt (also Pauw) it gets a bit ladylike. Nothing wrong with that as I do have the age to be ladylike, but you have to feel like a lady in the morning otherwise you will choose another outfit.

The skirt was a bit too short and it was rather tight around my waist. One of my seamstresses (I have two of them, LOL) altered it. I am not sure yet whether it “sits” as perfectly as it used to, but now it is long enough and not too tight anymore.

Below with the jacket buttoned up another way.
In the above photo you can see the folds accross quite clearly. It it stitched that way.
It is a wrap skirt and I am deliberately showing you where the side is, as normally the border pattern continues unnoticed front to back.


  1. 6 March 2013 / 19:56

    I really like this outfit, I like the combination of gray and red, and I really like the skirt. It has a beautiful pattern, your seamstress did a good job, and you is perfect, you are chic and elegant with it. I like these folds, give it an air very nice. The jacket is beautiful. When you buttoned is great, and are very attractive. Nice look.

  2. 7 March 2013 / 10:48

    I love the skirt! The jacket looks nice unbuttoned, so all in all a nice and classic outfit. I think the skirt would look really cool with some tall black boots and a more casual top, too:)

    • 7 March 2013 / 12:11

      I could actually make 6 outfits with this skirt. Because it does not sit so well anymore, I have put is aside, but I will try again. As indeed it is a nice skirt.

  3. Marianne van den Berg
    7 March 2013 / 21:03

    I must say Pauw isn’t a shop where you can buy cheap clothes, must you can wear them for many year and they never go out of fashion . It is classic and very feminine. I think the skirt fits very well I noticed that it doesn’t have only a fold accross but there are some pleats as well. I like the jacket because you can wear it 2 ways. But I think you can wear it with jeans as well. Looking good dear.

    • 7 March 2013 / 21:17

      You are so nice to me. Don’t forget to always be honest. You will, won’t you?

  4. 7 March 2013 / 21:50

    Can I please borrow that jacket, or just take it off your shoulders? That jacket is awesome, I love the two different ways you can wear it and they both are so fun. Come to think of it, I’ll take the skirt too, wow, you look great today. Have you worn this jacket with jeans? Just wondering what it likes like paired with them. good to see you again, my friend. How’s your week been?

    • 7 March 2013 / 21:56

      I am thinking of blogging twice a week instead of once. I feel deprived. Am I hooked? Once a week is so little. But it does give to time to do other things. Stuggling with this.
      And no I do not pair this jacket with jeans. My hips and bum are not pretty enough to emphasize. You, on the other hand, could work this jacket with jeans very well. It is a size 40 North European = 16 UK. Want to borrow it for a while?

  5. 8 March 2013 / 06:53

    O’ seriously, you have the figure to die for. I just think we need to become neighbors, just think of all the fun shopping trips we could have. As for blogging twice a week, we would all love to see you more often, but I totally understand where you’re coming from with the time issues.

    • 8 March 2013 / 09:38

      Haha, never judge by appearance. I am always presenting a picture that only shows the best points. I am no fool.

  6. 8 March 2013 / 14:08

    A nice classical look, Greetje. I prefer the unbuttoned version. On the quantity of blogging, my advice would be: stick to once a week till you have at least 25 posts prepared in advance, then you can go to twice a week.

    • 8 March 2013 / 16:42

      With so many post prepared I lose the momentum. That would mean three months ahead with posting twice a week. I think part of the charm of a blog is the fact it is actual.

  7. 8 March 2013 / 21:24

    I am mesmerized by that jacket! I am a sucker for morphing clothes,and I had never seen a jacket that morphed from ladylike to kind of egdy like that. Awesome!

    • 9 March 2013 / 19:16

      That is a lot of praize for a jacket. Thank you. Indeed, this brand has terrific jackets and they last forever. However, they are expensive. And another draw-back is the fact that their style is so recognizable. It somehow “degrades” my individuality. As if I am wearing an uniform.

  8. 10 March 2013 / 14:54

    I love the jacket. But I’m not crazy about the skirt. The fold in the front does bother me a bit, but of course I’m not seeing it in real life or the whole thing, so I’m sure that Marianne is a lot better judge than me….

    • 10 March 2013 / 16:40

      You have seen the skirt before. I thought it was too short and had it altered. Perhaps the fold is now more noticable. I will compare those photos and see.

  9. 10 March 2013 / 19:17

    I love you in skirts, you know how I feel about skirts; althoug I must admit that you look great in trousers too. The short jacket is so perfect.

    • 10 March 2013 / 19:23

      Thank you Sacramento. I feel comfortable in trousers, skirts and dresses. Just depends on my mood and the occasion.

  10. 10 March 2013 / 21:35

    that skirt is adorable
    i love the details and it fits you like a dream
    hope your weekend has been a good one

  11. 10 March 2013 / 23:03

    Very elegant, Greetje! I love the short jacket, especially the unbuttoned version. I am sure it also looks great with jeans or black trousers.

    Have a good week,
    Lady of Style

  12. Anonymous
    5 May 2013 / 13:19

    Dear Greetje, I am a little bit late with my command on this combination, but I think it is great, I really love the jacket but also the straight skirt and the colour of it with the stripes. What about wearing this red jacket with the flower skirtyou showed in your last post?greeting Helena.

  13. 5 May 2013 / 17:58

    The jacket is more for winter, autumn. It is a bit too warm for the skirt which is spring/summer. Well you stick to your love for Pauw… LOL

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