Black and white challenge

As most of you know, I am a big fan of Sylvia’s site 40+ Style. And she has given her readers another challenge. I love her challenges.
This time it is an easy one: combine black and white with another colour. If you want to joint this challenge, you have to hurry up as the deadline is March 16.

I am a master at black and white combinations with another colour. So I decided it had to be more challenging for me, taking me a step futher. I was going to combine black and white with TWO colours. Well….that might be easy for some, but not for me: I bit off more than I could chew. No results. No inspiration whatsoever. How lame can you get?

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise as I know my limits. Just got flippant because you all have been cheering me on, giving me so much praise for my outfits. (No I am not, repeat NOT fishing for compliments.)

Anyway, here are two of my entries. Don’t know whether the outfit with the black sweater is going to be accepted. Are the trousers grey? Or black and white?

As the weather was still cold with snow but nice and sunny at the same time, I took the photos indoors.

With open toe shoes.

Below: black, white and green. With pumps.

I got reckless and tried a short cardigan…. don’t think I like it.
Below: for fun, for leasure time: with sneakers and another necklace. 
Sweater tucked in at the front, totally the rage at the moment.

Next Tuesday some more black and white. With neon pink. Bring your sunglasses.



  1. 14 March 2013 / 20:30

    I love the option with the big green necklace, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    I will join you all.

    • 14 March 2013 / 20:39

      That is my favourite as well. I also have a black and white necklace, which looks cool with this outfit. Featuring that necklace next Tuesday.
      Will you join the challenge? If so.. what fun.

  2. 15 March 2013 / 13:52

    I like all the outfits, but I definitely think the pants look better with heeled shoes. Or perhaps it’s the fact that your pants are cropped and then your shoes go above your ancle – something not quite right with the proportions there, at least to my eye:)

  3. Marianne van den Berg
    15 March 2013 / 19:09

    I don’t get it. The challenge is black and white and an extra colour. I like the first combination the most with your black top, green necklace etc. but I don’t see any white, or are you wearing white lingerie. Surprise.

    • 15 March 2013 / 19:23

      I tried to pass the trousers on as black and white hahaha. Got refused. Only the photo with the white blouse was excepted by Sylvia. No problem as I had more black and white outfits with a colour. She can choose.

  4. 16 March 2013 / 08:39

    I love those pants of yours.How about using scarves

    • 16 March 2013 / 10:03

      Of course… why didn’t I think of that? I have a green scarf which would go terrific with the bag. Thanks Angie.

  5. 16 March 2013 / 12:22

    I love these pants and I love these pictures. With the perfect black and white, too. Two simple and elegant outfits. With the green jacket is round. I really like the last photo, so casual that style is a style that you know perfectly carry and still be attractive to him.

    • 16 March 2013 / 13:14

      I am not so sure about the last photo but happy that you like it.
      I don’t know what you mean with your comment on the outfit with the green cardigan which is a pity as I am not so sure about that one either.

    16 March 2013 / 18:53

    The green reckless is lovely and and ties the outfit together. NICE. Sara

    • 16 March 2013 / 23:22

      Thanks Sara. It was a great find in Rome during a little trip. Such a nice souvenir.

  7. 17 March 2013 / 03:38

    You do color so very well. I love the last pic. It’s so playful, youthful and fresh. Those pants and sneakers are definitely cool!! Love the green cardigan too…xo

  8. 17 March 2013 / 03:39

    Also Love all those colors and decoration in the room.

    • 17 March 2013 / 09:52

      If you search my blog with the words Colour in the livingroom (December 6), you can see lots of photos of it.

  9. 17 March 2013 / 05:32

    Hello Greetje!
    Just wanted to stop by to thank you for your thoughtful words. Very glad to meet you!
    I’m a huge fan of black & white! Your outfits are simple yet very chic! I’m loving the pop of green necklace against the black top. Perfect combination! The classic white shirt with the green bag is also really nice! Great job!


    • 17 March 2013 / 09:54

      Sometimes I succeed haha. Thanks Jeannie. We have a lovely season ahead of us with lots of black and white.

  10. 17 March 2013 / 06:04

    The first outfit looks amazing! I love the slouchy top with the tailored pants and oh my gosh that fantastic green necklace. I want that necklace!!!

    • 17 March 2013 / 10:05

      That is exactly what I said when I saw it in that little shop in Rome. I tried to walk away, but every step I took taking me further away from the shop, gave me stomach-ache. It is by Angela Caputi. Put .com behind her name and you will find her website.

  11. 18 March 2013 / 04:27

    Black and white is a classic combo that goes with everything. I love the pops of color you’ve added!

  12. 18 March 2013 / 09:07

    You made this look so easy, all your combinations are wonderful! Guess what, I think I need to move next door so I can borrow that green necklace, its amazing. I would be wearing that all the time, especially with jeans and a white t-shirt or blouse. I love how you tucked your black sweater in a bit, very fashionable.
    White with khaki is one of my all time favorite combinations, yep we think alike.
    Your last outfit, is AWESOME, it makes you look so hip and fun, and those sneakers are to die for.
    By the way, couldn’t figure out the whole posting thing on my ipad, way too much work. But its nice to be back.

    • 18 March 2013 / 21:02

      I wonder who would borrow more from the other, you or me. Moving in next door is OK if you have shoe size 39 (North European) hahaha. Because it is especially your shoes I am after. Have you ever looked at the blog of the person who commented before you? Lisa-respect the shoes? mmmmm… such nice shoes as well.

  13. 18 March 2013 / 12:12

    Your first style is definitely my favourite, Greetje.
    Stylish, modern, fresh! It looks great!!

    Lady of Style

  14. 19 March 2013 / 03:19

    Love the look with the fabulous statement necklace

  15. RedTagChicLosAngeles
    23 March 2013 / 17:27

    Whoa….looks like someone’s been busy posting I cant catch up!!!! I remember you said you will post on Wednesdays only hahaha….so I’m happy to see you more often now in fabulous age-appropriate looks my friend….& this B&W ensemble is NO exception!!!!!


    • 23 March 2013 / 23:42

      Yes, sorry, once a week made me restless. I am afraid I am hooked.
      Now trying twice a week. I think that is the right amount. And thanks for the compliments.

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