As most of you know, I am a big fan of Sylvia’s site 40+ Style. And she has given her readers another challenge. I love her challenges.
This time it is an easy one: combine black and white with another colour. If you want to joint this challenge, you have to hurry up as the deadline is March 16.

I am a master at black and white combinations with another colour. So I decided it had to be more challenging for me, taking me a step futher. I was going to combine black and white with TWO colours. Well….that might be easy for some, but not for me: I bit off more than I could chew. No results. No inspiration whatsoever. How lame can you get?

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise as I know my limits. Just got flippant because you all have been cheering me on, giving me so much praise for my outfits. (No I am not, repeat NOT fishing for compliments.)

Anyway, here are two of my entries. Don’t know whether the outfit with the black sweater is going to be accepted. Are the trousers grey? Or black and white?

As the weather was still cold with snow but nice and sunny at the same time, I took the photos indoors.

With open toe shoes.

Below: black, white and green. With pumps.

I got reckless and tried a short cardigan…. don’t think I like it.
Below: for fun, for leasure time: with sneakers and another necklace. 
Sweater tucked in at the front, totally the rage at the moment.

Next Tuesday some more black and white. With neon pink. Bring your sunglasses.

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