One Wednesday I was out shopping with a girlfriend from my schooldays. First time the sun was out since a long, long time; lovely company and new spring clothes in the shop. An irresistable combination.

My friend is an outspoken person like me. A quality most of my friends have.LOL Anyway, my friend’s taste is somewhat different from mine. Not that we dress totally opposite, but she is more classic than I am.

We were in a nice shop and I got carried away:
yellow boyfriend jeans, striped sweater, lovely horizontally striped skirt and a neon pink blouse.

The blouse was meant to be worn on jeans which met the approval of my friend. The shop assistent turned out to be a qualified stylist and said it was totally S/S 2013 to wear the blouse in the skirt.
I tried it and was just thinking it was indeed a nice look when my friend called out from behind a rack with clothes: HIDEOUS!!!
I had to laugh so hard….How I love my friends and their honesty.
As you will see from these photos, it did not stop me from wearing it like this. We are all different people with different taste.

Those black skinnies…. I love them to death….


Below: I had to wear sunglasses as the sun was behind the camera and in my eyes.
The two photos below are for my next door neighbour girl (age 6 1/2). 
She lent me her necklace: pink glasses with a black mustache underneath it.

Oh, one more thing:.. last week, Trina had the scoop of a very similar skirt. Have a Teatime with Trina.

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