Yellow polka dot cardigan

This cardigan is a bit of a struggle.

At first I was very pleased with myself because I came up with a cream/black polka dot top underneath the yellow/black polka dot cardigan. The combination would have been cute, only the top had the wrong kind of collar for my neck. It made my neck too long. Frequent visitors know I gave the top to my stepdaughter at Christmas. Better somebody else enjoys it, than hanging on to it and never wear it.

So I tried the cardigan with an A-line charcoal skirt and black blouse. And with a black wide skirt and black top. I will start with that, but I think the best combination is the cardigan with a black top and the A-line skirt (not photographed).

Below: trying to adjust my hair…. 

Below two photos of the cardigan with the A-line skirt and a blouse. 
The A-line skirt is good, but the blouse makes the outfit a bit dowdy.

Below the cardigan with another skirt, which is a bit too short and definitely too tight in the waist. 
I will throw that skirt on the pile: Give away. 
In the second photo the collar of the cardi does not look bad, because the photo is flattering.

A cardigan is usually straight at the hips. Which is something I should avoid at all times. It makes it very hard to create a good figure. (Note to myself:  to put on my NO GO-list: “be very careful with cardigans”.)



  1. 21 March 2013 / 19:16

    That lovely yellow cardigan and beautiful pictures of your house. You are beautiful and stylish in this look. I really like the first option, the skirt is beautiful and I like your neck clear. But I also love the third option, with the pleated skirt. I have doubts, maybe the third … no belt, is more elegant. You look beautiful in this post.

    • 21 March 2013 / 20:24

      I think you are right, I should NOT wear a belt with this outfit.
      This is not one of my favourite outfits, but I am quite pleased you like it.
      Oh…and by the way, that is not my house… it is the shed.. We just made it look like a little house. Remember the post of our garden?

    • 21 March 2013 / 21:06

      I was not referring to the house as a building, I was referring to garden of your house. 🙂

  2. 21 March 2013 / 20:52

    I love the outfit with the fuller skirt most, especially the “adjust my hair” photo!! You look gorgeous and so happy, Greetje.
    The A-line skirt is great as well – prefer the top instead of the blouse.
    I still don’t have one of the fuller skirts and really like them. Put it on my wishlist…

    Lady of Style

    • 21 March 2013 / 23:18

      Apparently these kind of skirts are supposed to become trend now… so your wish might come true quickly.

    • 21 March 2013 / 23:25

      And yes, I am a happy person. (A little bit hot tempered at work…)

  3. Anonymous
    21 March 2013 / 22:17

    I love this happy little cardigan! It is its own ray of sunshine. 🙂
    I think the first outfit is my favorite – the 1/3 to 2/3s balance is good. I like the full skirt over the tall boots. The second skirt is also pretty but I like the simple black top under the cardi more than the collared blouse. This is a nice outfit for work though – it looks corporate. In the third look I like how you left the cardigan unbuttoned and therefore did not need the belt. It all works.
    Were these pictures taken a while ago? Because if this how your garden looks right now forget about me visiting – I am moving in! LOL! I had to shovel again today and the wind chill is single digits. Our high temps are not even what our normal lows are for this time of year. Winter is hanging on!

  4. Anonymous
    21 March 2013 / 22:37

    That last comment was from me – Suzanne. Just in case you were worried about who is planning on moving in! LOL! I love your flowers and the green leaves. All I see out my windows is snow and lots and lots of ice.

    • 21 March 2013 / 23:27

      I wish that was my garden at this moment Suzanne, but no. It is winter here as well. Around freezing temperatures and with a rotten breeze. Everybody is so fed up with winter. So am I.
      Hang in there… one more week? Two weeks utmost?

  5. Marianne van den Berg
    21 March 2013 / 22:39

    I like the first combination the most. I would only aid a plain golden necklace to it. The one you are wearing with the blouse. I prefer the belt with it, its accentuate your waist more.

    • 21 March 2013 / 23:29

      Hmmm I don’t know yet whether the belt is improving the look or just dividing me in halves. The gold necklace is a good tip.

  6. 22 March 2013 / 00:53

    Greetje, Love the hair adjustment photo, seriously, its such a fun picture. That aside, I absolutely adore the cardigan and its very flattering on you. I do agree with leaving it unelted except with the a-line skirt and blouse the belt seems to definitely belong. Love the full skirt attire but would probably leave the cardi unbuttoned or without the belt becuase its just a fun look. I also like the combo A LOT, I think the gray does wonders for the cardigan. Have you thought about wearing it with white pants and a gray top for Spring? Gee, sounds like I just need that cute cardi. Great ensembles, as usual.

    • 22 March 2013 / 09:19

      I never thought of leaving the cardigan unbuttoned. That might be a great idea. Thanks. And no, I will not wear it with white trousers (sorry, British upbringing) as little cardigans leave my hip area in sight too much.

  7. Happiness at Mid Life
    22 March 2013 / 08:05

    HI Greetje – I always see you participating in 40+ styles challenges and love your fashion style. I am your latest follower!


    • 22 March 2013 / 09:27

      As you might have noticed, I was already browsing through your posts as well. Lovely to see you on my blog as well. Thanks for the compliment.

  8. 22 March 2013 / 14:39

    I need that gorgeous jumper, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Liiking glorious.
    You know how I feel about skirts, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  9. 23 March 2013 / 05:48

    The first look makes you look sort of bulky, even bit fat, while we all know that you are NOT. For the rest: the black T under it works good. But the whole outfit is not my favorite look for you either, as you say yourself.

    • 23 March 2013 / 09:30

      I think it will be better if I wear the T, the cardigan and the A-line skirt. Have to see whether the belt improves it or not. But I agree it is not my best outfit.

  10. 23 March 2013 / 14:09

    Every outfit you share communicates joy. Thanks!

    • 23 March 2013 / 23:46

      Oh gosh Dan, too much honour. And that coming from an Italian lady. I am flattered.

  11. RedTagChicLosAngeles
    23 March 2013 / 17:52

    hahahah on the note to yourself…..but I can imagine a lot of cool looks with that yellow beauty!! I really have to find some yellow for myself this spring!!!


    • 23 March 2013 / 23:47

      I should stick those notes to my forehead, as I bought another short cardigan…. (the little green one in the black and white challenge outfit of last week. Wrong again.)

  12. 26 March 2013 / 17:39

    You’re totally rockin’ the bright polka dots!! I would have worn the cardi with black, too! Great minds….. 🙂

    • 26 March 2013 / 22:11

      Thanks Jeannie. It is not really my most favourite look. Sometimes I do better than other times.

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