Lets put this upfront: I do not do advertising and I do not get paid for anything on this blog. So any links you see, are there because I want to share them with you.

Right, that is out of the way.

Now for some serious business. Frequent visitors of my blog, know that I am a fan of 40+Style.com
Sylvia, of 40+ Style, has written an e-book, a style guide, called 10 Steps to A more Stylish You. (Took a lot of hard work, I can tell you.)
“In 10 steps, preferably taken into the space of at least 10 days, you will discover about your own body, your personality, your style preferences and learn how to apply them to your unique self.”

I can highly recommend this. I did it myself and it really opens your eyes. Although I know myself quite well (what colours to wear, body flaws, “assets”) and am not unfamiliair with the subject, it still helped me. And it is so easy to read.

If you want to find out more, here is the link: 10 Steps to A More Stylish You course
As an introduction offer, you can buy it for $ 24,95 instead of $ 150,-. Worth every penny. So much better than all the courses I have seen, followed etc.


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