A coat is a difficult piece of clothing in The Netherlands. We like to be fashionable and look pretty, but the weather gets in the way. It is usually windy, cold and rainy. And if you have to walk or cycle (we do that a lot) it is no fun to be all dolled up and getting soaking wet. Even now at the end of March, it is freezing cold.

So we tend to go for sensible coats. Sylvia of 40+ style always advocates colourful coats to brighten up our winter days and I agree. Which is why I have a yellow coat with purple faux fur collar and a red short coat (with top hat). But only if the weather allows it. And for spring I have my Versace Jeans Couture python print coat (scroll down two photos in that post), not colourful but very pretty in my opinion.

If it is really horrible, my big black coat by Annette Görtz is my refuge. I will hold on to that piece till it falls apart.  Very high quality stuff and they have the guts to present a model who is over 40. Bravo.

The little orange coat and scarf are gifts from my husband. Better said, I bought these with the gift cards he gave my stepdaughter and me a couple of months ago, which totally made our Saturday haha.





Below the Annette Görtz coat or anorak. It has a hood which is terrific when it rains and you have hair like me. It is rain-resistant on the outside and warm on the inside. Sleeves are wide enough to suit a jacket and the coat is long enough to wear over a long jacket. Big, deep pockets.
I don’t think it is particularly nice, but I have friends who adore it. What a comfortable coat.


Bring on Springtime.

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