On one of those rare sunny days in a cold and snowy spring…… I walk through town feeling very happy and content with the world. That mood makes me do reckless things like visiting the Pauw shop
I KNOW I should not go into that shop as my resistance is so low.
I KNOW I love and hate their collections for reasons I have explained in my orange safari jacket post.
I KNOW I have already spent too much money.
I KNOW I have more than enough spring/summer clothes. Much more than winter clothes (yes, I can hear you think… “good heavens”). Which is ridiculous as in The Netherlands wintertime lasts a lot longer than summertime.

What can I say? I just have no discipline when it comes to clothes. Or jewellery, or bags, or shoes….. really anything that has to do with adorning myself. In other areas I am very, very disciplined.

But have a look at the website of Pauw and see (part of) their collection. It is a miracle that I left the shop having only bought a sweater, belt and a little scarf.
At home I tried to work the scarf and belt. Easy wouldn’t you say? It wasn’t. Had to go back for explanations. They have nifty ways to make these accessories look their best.

Photographs were made by my niece, who is a professional photographer. She is teaching me and was showing me the effects of different settings, light and colours that you are wearing.

Above: with the new scarf and white trousers.
Below: with the new scarf and black pencil skirt.
Below: the striped skirt proved to be a challenge with this sweater (no scarf) as the front of the sweater went up a bit and does not follow the horizontal lines of the skirt.

Below: with a polka dot scarf and a white skirt.

And of course, with my black skinnies.

Below: indoors I could take my sunglasses off. (Showing my new bag as well.)

Below: this last photo is just to get you laughing.
I bet you laughed… Good!

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