Anja and I went to a “try and fitting”-session by LaDress. This brand specializes in dresses which make every woman look good. They sell online but also offer “trying-on” sessions at different locations across the country. This time it was in a lovely hotel in Amsterdam, called The College Hotel.
“The hotel is housed in a stylish 19th-century building, which began life in 1895 as a school. Today the hotel and restaurant are continuing the tradition of developing talent, as the staff are students at various hotel management schools, managed by experienced professionals.”, so they say.
And indeed it is a lovely place. Even loved the toilets.

We had a look at the LaDress clothes. Beautiful, but I already knew their collection and did not need anything, so we went for coffee and lunch. Anja was so kind to take pictures. Lunch was nice. As was her company.

I am wearing an oranje top with matching cardigan from Claudia Sträter (sorry girls from abroad, this is a Dutch brand that only ships within the Benelux). The wrap cardigan is fuchsia at the top, orange in the middle and red at the bottom. The top is longer than the cardigan which is why you see some orange at the bottom. The trousers are by LaDress and the sand-coulered booties were my lucky find in the sale last week. Although pretty high heeled, they are very comfortable.

Above and below: see how long and skinny my arms are??? No wonder people think I am a size zero.
I am not (a Large), just have ridiculously long and skinny arms.

If you want to see some of my LaDress clothes, have a look at my yellow tunic, my olive green dress, my red dress with polka dot sash and the same red dress with two different jackets.

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