Black and white spring jacket

This is going to be an elaborate article. Not so much for text, but for the many photos.

The jacket is about 3 years old and very up to date, being black and white. I saw my fellow blogger Trina wearing such a jacket in a fun way with polka dot tights. As copying is the best compliment you can give the creator ….. I went ahead and did just that. Unfortunately my copy was not as good at the original by Trina (Teatime with Trina).

So I decided to go back to my original combination with trousers. You will see the jacket with cream trousers and with white trousers. And with:

  • a long (double) black belt
  • a small black belt
  • a yellow belt
  • no belt 

After looking at the photos I decided that the double belt is not really good for this jacket. Especially not seen from the back. But I cannot decide between a small belt and no belt.
Obviously it does not matter what colour top you wear underneath it.

Below you see the back of the jacket, on the left with the double belt and on the right without one. 


Below: my Trina “imitation”.

Below: just for fun and variation, sitting in a chair: on the left with cream trousers, on the right with white trousers.

Below: with red top and yellow belt (very daring for me).

Below: with a small black belt.

Below: no belt

They say you should kill your darlings. Meaning you should choose and limit the number of photos.
I am afraid I was not very successful at that this time.



  1. 9 May 2013 / 18:31

    I always post way to many photos too!I love the yellow version of the outfit even though I have a soft spot for your red shoes as well.By the way did you light up your hair, or is just the sun light?Happy Mother’s Day to you (we celebrate it this coming Sunday).

    • 9 May 2013 / 19:48

      My hair seems a bit lighter. Probably just the sun as I have been dying the roots of my hair. And with the samen colour for over a year now.Happy Mother’s Day to you too.

  2. 9 May 2013 / 19:06

    Wow, what fun jacket. It’s fun and nice, and the design is lovely. I think it is difficult to combine, but you get it. The hood, I love, and is a highlight of the piece. I like it, especially, with the skirt, stockings and black boots, the contrast is greater and more sophisticated, I think. With pants, I prefer it without belt, is more casual. And I like the long pants. Whew!

  3. Marianne van den Berg
    9 May 2013 / 19:51

    After scrolling up and down several times,I think my favourite is the one with the white trousers, red shoes and no belt because I like the back more without belt. I think you can give up doing fitness, because changing your clothes so many times, who needs exercises

    • 9 May 2013 / 19:58

      hahaha, no matter how many times I change, this does not grow muscles Marianne. Unfortunately. Man I would be toned!

  4. 9 May 2013 / 20:21

    It is a serious matter…and need a close observation of your photos…and here is my answer : the yellow belt is beautiful on the jacket and with the t shirt in the same colour the outfit is even more beautiful. I also like the pen skirt and boots. But… do people still wear boots in May?

    • 9 May 2013 / 23:22

      Well, light boots are worn in May as spring is still not arriving yet. It is getting warmer, but 18 degrees celcius at the most. But you like the skirt version better than the trousers… hmmmm … you are teaming up with Josep-Maria. LOL

  5. 9 May 2013 / 23:45

    Greetje, I love your version with the cream pants and red. I’m now going to pay back the compliment and on the next rainy or cool weather day (which we get a lot throughout spring and summer here) will try the exact same version. Splended idea, it gives the jacket a whole different vibe. I actually like the it with the black belt, although it looks fantastic without one as well. Wish we could do some singing and dancing in the rain together, now that would make your neighbors really laugh.

    • 9 May 2013 / 23:51

      We have expressions for two people who do things like that but it doesn’t translate 🙂

    • 10 May 2013 / 10:24

      Found a translation: Tweedledum and Tweedledee or Frick and Frack? LOL

  6. 10 May 2013 / 05:47

    I like it with the yellow, or with yellow and red together. It also looks good unbelted – it’s such a pretty jacket!

    • 10 May 2013 / 10:57

      It is a pretty jacket but very outspoken. Not very versatile. Very much me… always going for outspoken things which can never be combined as they all scream for attention.

  7. Happiness at Mid Life
    10 May 2013 / 06:30

    What a fun printed jacket. I am just starting to venture on printed blazers. My favorite look is the outfits with the skinny belt. I think it just ties it all together so nicely. And well done on adding red & yellow – I’ve yet to put these 2 colors together.Alice

    • 10 May 2013 / 10:54

      I was really proud of myself, but I bet I am never going to wear it with a yellow belt and a red top.

  8. 10 May 2013 / 10:37

    Scrolling up and down… ;-)Your printed coat is really nice and has a perfect length which also works great with skirts. I am not a hood fan, but that’s just a personal thing because you know me, I always go for more formal than casual.My favourite is the first outfit, cropped trousers, red top and pumps but with the black belt from further down. Maybe even with a wider black belt.I also love the combination with the black skirt and boots, I’d just go for plain black tights as I find the dots a bit distracting.Enjoyed this post, Greetje!AnnetteLady of Stylenow on Facebook

    • 10 May 2013 / 10:52

      Oh good, I like to entertain everybody. And I am not a hood fan either, but in this case I was not really bothered. I try to ignore my back anyway. Not my best side. I am contemplating on walking like an Egyptian. LOL

  9. Anonymous
    10 May 2013 / 13:44

    Wow for the jacket in combination with the red top and the red shoes. The little black belt makes it perfect, although without is also oke. The cropped trousers look beautiful on you.Love Helena

    • Anonymous
      15 May 2013 / 11:46

      yes all the options are oke, difficult to choose in front of the wardrobe and mirror… greetings Helena

  10. 10 May 2013 / 16:56

    These are all good looks and a fabulous blazer Greetje. My favorite is the last one without belt although I love the one with the yellow belt too!

  11. 10 May 2013 / 18:32

    Cropped pants, yellow belt, red pumps, yellow or red tshirt…those are my favs. Not a very big fan of the jacket, by the way;-)

  12. Rebecca
    12 May 2013 / 01:37

    I found your blog through the wonderful blog 40plus style of Sylvia’s. I love your outfits and your upbeat humorous personality that shines through.

    • 12 May 2013 / 09:01

      And you are very welcome here as well. I get a lot of visitors from Sylvia’s blog (site?) for which I am grateful of course. Thanks for commenting and I will do my utmost to keep you smiling.

  13. 14 May 2013 / 06:13

    I love all of your photos and variations! Experimentation is fun, and so are you. The jacket is stunning, and as you demonstrate, can be worn is so many different ways. Always accessorized by your beautiful smile.

    • 14 May 2013 / 12:26

      Thank you Judith. I have to smile to be nice on a photo so I am glad you like it.

  14. 14 May 2013 / 17:31

    Skinny belt. I love red top and red shoe combo- just phenom look.

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