Black and white striped jacket

Guys, this was hell… photographing in bright sunlight with a lot of wind…. I tried several spots.
The lovely lady who was taking care of Anja’s cat, took the first photos with the arch of green behind me. And we chose to set the camera on automatic. I ask you…. what good is “automatic” when all photos turn out over-exposed???? I could adjust some of them with Picmonkey but only some.
The setting was so nice… what a bummer.
(Note:… been to the camera shop… now I know what I did wrong…It is always the person behind the machine who is wrong. Not the machine itself.)

So I got into the car and went to a park. Could not park at the park…..
Along the canal was a parking spot. Hurray. There I went with all the gear…tripod and all. To find out that the remote was dead. Of course no spare batteries.

After being blown away and freezing, I gave up and shot a couple of photos a week later in our trusted garden.
The striped jacket was a terrific find in a small shop in Zwolle, a nice old town in the east of our country. After a first glance I thought I was going to walk out with all of my money still in my pocket. Hahaha… I drew my credit card three times!


The next two photos below are for the view….
And below two pictures which provide a better look at the jacket.


I feel very much “Jean Paul Gaultier” with this jacket.
If you want to see some interesting shoes, then have a look at the post “Shoe Shine” by Bella (The Citizen Rosebud). She hosts numerous bloggers and their shoes.


  1. 7 May 2013 / 19:15

    Fabulous look, Greetje! I’d wear everything from head to toe.Your blazer is great and it goes so well with your slim jeans and pumps.Photoshoots can be hard work sometimes… the wind, the sun, people around… or batteries ;-)AnnetteLady of Stylenow on Facebook

    • 7 May 2013 / 20:30

      Nothing like a fellow blogger to understand the difficulties. LOLAnd glad you like the look.

  2. Marianne van den Berg
    7 May 2013 / 19:54

    Is the skinny jeans in the last 2 photo’s new, because they seem darker then your other jeans skinny. Love the jacket it is such a good fit. And made of such a comfortable material. Are you planning to combine it with more black or white things to point out the black and white stripes more.The male version of Jean Paul Gaultier you mean.

    • 7 May 2013 / 20:51

      To tell you the truth… I have not thought about it yet. I am a terrible style blogger.

    • 7 May 2013 / 20:55

      And you are very perceptive… the jeans in the last two photos is a different pair..

  3. 7 May 2013 / 20:07

    I like your jacket, I like the outfit and I love the photos, despite all the problems you had. You know my opinion about Greetje and jeans, not repeat. I really like the design of the jacket, the back is beautiful. A nice look, despite the wind and sun.

    • 7 May 2013 / 20:57

      I have not clear that my sentence is understood. What I say is, “I will not repeat my opinion on Greetje and jeans.” Everyone knows that I love to see with them …

    • 8 May 2013 / 14:13

      I understood you perfectly Josep-Maria. My remark about “milking this look” meant that I know jeans look good on me and that is why I keep creating many, many more outfits with jeans.

  4. Happiness at Mid Life
    8 May 2013 / 03:43

    Greetje – looks like a great find! I have a very similar striped blazer (mine is black with white stripes) and I find it very versatile. Can’t wait how else you will style

    • 8 May 2013 / 14:14

      I will probably have another look at the styling of your jacket (I have seen it) and steal some ideas.

  5. 8 May 2013 / 04:46

    Too funny! Despite the challenges you faced, I think your photos turned out quite nice! I’m a HUGE fan of jeans and blazer so this look is right up my alley! LOVE it!What size are you??? 0? You def make jeans look FANTASTIC!

  6. 8 May 2013 / 05:05

    Jean Paul Gautier indeed, especially his 90’s sailor chic collections.The wind and the sunshine give the photos a very nice nature inspire effect! Sorry that you had to go to through all of the troubles to get the shots but you look fantastic and I’m all into looking around at your city!

  7. 8 May 2013 / 14:27

    Size 0??? Hahaha … now that is funny. No dear, I am a Large, a size 12 USA, size 14 UK. If it is a skirt or a pair of trousers which do not have a waistband, then a size M might fit me as I do not posses hips or bum. But my waist and upper torso are definitely big and broad.All the shop assistents make the same mistake. Probably because I have skinny and long arms and legs. And of course I do know how to emphasize the good and hide the bad. Which results in you thinking I am a size 0. Woohaha. Mission accomplished.

  8. 8 May 2013 / 14:30

    Don’t be sorry Ofelia. I do this out of free will and I do this myself. Nobody forces me to do it. Glad you like the photos.Because I get so many positive comments about my city, I am trying to change the outfit scenery as often as time allows me. If I don’t have time, my garden will have to do.

  9. 8 May 2013 / 17:00

    Your mission is definitely accomplished, I have been thinking the exact same thing (size) as Jeannie. No one “rocks” a pair of jeans like you do. Great, great buy with your jacket, it is AWESOME! As you have discovered, looks perfect with a pair of jeans, will be wonderful with numerous other trousers and skirts as well. Can’t wait to see all that combinations you come up with for this jacket.As for you photo’s, I love the wind blown, natural look, its fun and makes the phot session look effortless (see, you could have us fooled again). I do love how you entertain us with your photo session stories, so keep them coming as well as your beautiful surroundings.

    • 8 May 2013 / 17:25

      I have to keep the “laugh” in my posts, so there will be more.As for more combinations… I will have a look at others as well. See how they are doing.

  10. 8 May 2013 / 18:32

    G-star! Your photos are getting better- I don’t mean to insult previous shutter attempts, but “the view” includes a marvelous you. I LOVE the jacket, and your figure in jeans and a blazer- super chic!

    • 8 May 2013 / 18:50

      No offence taken dear. I know my limits. And I love that you call me G-star… so funny.

  11. 8 May 2013 / 21:15

    There are some days in which things definitely goes the wrong way! But from those days sometimes get out amusing posts. And yours really is!I never wear jeans but they look very good on you. Beautiful jacket and great background!

    • 9 May 2013 / 07:11

      Thank you Dan. I have about 8 different pairs of jeans as I know they suit me. I am glad you enjoyed this post.

  12. 9 May 2013 / 02:15

    Amazing outfit!! Love the striped jacket. I especially love the pic of you sitting on the chair handle. So elegant…Well done!!

    • 9 May 2013 / 07:15

      Posing is not that easy. Especially when you do it a lot. You have your daughter to direct you. That is great.

  13. 9 May 2013 / 06:15

    Outfit photos can be maddening! But you look fabulous in your new stripe jacket in your garden.

    • 9 May 2013 / 07:16

      Only two photos were taken in my garden (before you think my garden is as big as the park LOL).

    • 9 May 2013 / 10:06

      hahaha, thanks but too much credit. Nice of you to pay a visit and leave a comment.

  14. 9 May 2013 / 15:37

    I love the wind blowing in your hair! Something about it is fun and very stylish. Which I can also say about the fabulous striped jacket. Looks perfect with your jeans and shoes.

  15. 10 May 2013 / 17:00

    Great outfit Greetje and like others I can only appreciate the effort you’re taking to take good pictures. I know it’s hard word! You are getting better all the time and it makes for great eye candy!

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