Guys, this was hell… photographing in bright sunlight with a lot of wind…. I tried several spots.
The lovely lady who was taking care of Anja’s cat, took the first photos with the arch of green behind me. And we chose to set the camera on automatic. I ask you…. what good is “automatic” when all photos turn out over-exposed???? I could adjust some of them with Picmonkey but only some.
The setting was so nice… what a bummer.
(Note:… been to the camera shop… now I know what I did wrong…It is always the person behind the machine who is wrong. Not the machine itself.)

So I got into the car and went to a park. Could not park at the park…..
Along the canal was a parking spot. Hurray. There I went with all the gear…tripod and all. To find out that the remote was dead. Of course no spare batteries.

After being blown away and freezing, I gave up and shot a couple of photos a week later in our trusted garden.
The striped jacket was a terrific find in a small shop in Zwolle, a nice old town in the east of our country. After a first glance I thought I was going to walk out with all of my money still in my pocket. Hahaha… I drew my credit card three times!


The next two photos below are for the view….
And below two pictures which provide a better look at the jacket.


I feel very much “Jean Paul Gaultier” with this jacket.
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