In these photos you will see another part of the streets around my house. So funny when you put your tripod in the middle of the street and all your neighbours cycle past. All passing comments. As I have very nice neighbours it is a lot of laughs. They all mean well.

This flower skirt is quite old and by Tommy Hilfiger. As flowers are popular again, out comes this skirt.
The top is lime green, one of the many I own.

I have tried the skirt with red and black shoes. They are the same.
On a trip to Gent in Belgium I saw the red shoes first. Fell in love staring at them in the window. Coming home after this purchase, I could smack myself for not buying them in black as well. An error which has been corrected haha.

Personally I think the black shoes are better with this outfit. The red shoes make it a bit too red in my opinion. What do you think? As far as the cardigan and the jacket go: I like them both.

The photo below shows a number of bicycles, nicely in a rack. We are a country of cyclists.

Below: my hair is looking rather strange…. (notice the garden chairs are out?).

Below: the same outfit with red shoes instead of black shoes. 

Below: with a black jacket and red shoes.

Below: the jacket with black shoes. 

Trying out the camera and the settings for different light. Difficult stuff.
And with this link to other blogs on Visible Monday you can enjoy more.

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