What I wore on my trip to Paris

As you might know, my husband Ron gives me a very nice birthday present each year since 2008. He gives me a generous budget to spend time with Lia, (one of) my (two) best girlfriend(s) on a trip to…. where ever we choose. So far we have been to Paris, London, Milan, Kopenhagen, Rome and this year again to Paris.

I know Lia since we were 16 and we are very harmonious together. Neither of us dominate the other and neither of us get annoyed with the other. Which can happen when you are together 24 hours a day for 3 to 4 days. And we also share the same humour. You can imagine the fun we have.

As the weather forecast was not very good for our days in Paris, I had to pack more than I wanted. An umbrella, a coat and boots that could withstand rain, lots of different shoes for walking, meaning they had to be right for my support soles (we are getting older…). Layers of clothing, socks etc.
Fortunately the weather forecast was too pessimistic. We had half an hour of drizzle the first day and 1 hour the last day. So just 1 1/2 hours in three days.

On our second evening, Ron texted me: “Here is another budget for you and Lia. Go crazy!”
…. We did.

At the Jardin du Luxembourg. Wearing boots as it drizzled.

Ordering a crèpe (pancake). Wearing my leather coat which is excellent for spring weather. 
I left my handbag in the hotel as this Camper bag is super light and can hold more things.

Below: sewing on a button on Lia’s coat in the hotel. It had come off and I don’t mind sewing. She does. What are friend for….. 
This is what I was wearing when we came on the train. Similar in this post but in Paris with a sweater.

Below: The Louvre

Below: look what Lia’s camera did with the above photo!! Amazing isn’t it?

Below: in the garden of The Louvre: Les Tuileries. Wearing my new brogues. Which of course, made my feet hurt after 8 hours walking.

Below: having one of our many coffee breaks.

Below: the striped jacket was on tour as well. This time with an orange top.

Below: Lia and I, again on a terrace, waiting for the pina colada and the mojito.

It was great fun and I bought too much stuff, amongst others a top and jacket by Kenzo.
You will be hearing more of this in another post.



  1. 21 May 2013 / 18:40

    Beautiful trip and beautiful pictures of Paris. I hope you had a great. I love your outfits “Travel”. The first with lime jacket and white boots is cute. The second jacket I love. In the third, I almost fixed but in the “croissants”. 🙂 🙂 LOL. I love your photo on coffee, manipulating the phone, have a special light and you look gorgeous.

    • 22 May 2013 / 08:02

      It was a wonderful break and we had so much fun. Glad you like my travel clothes. And they don’t make croissants in The Netherlands as they do in France.

  2. 21 May 2013 / 20:12

    I think you has had a wonderful journey with your friend and look sporty and very nice in every photo.
    Paris is a so beautiful town ( I spent my honeymoon there)
    Friendship is a great thing. . .

    • 22 May 2013 / 08:02

      I spent my honeymoon there as well. And yes, most of all, it is about our friendship.

  3. 22 May 2013 / 04:06

    Looks and sounds like great fun! It’s amazing to have a friend that you can be so compatible with, and Paris always looks amazing.

  4. 22 May 2013 / 05:12

    What a wonderful gift and what a special time!
    I guess living in the US, I’m envious of your travels to the places I dearly want to visit.
    You’re dressed fabulously, Greetje! Your yellow jacket looks really familiar! 😉

  5. 22 May 2013 / 18:06

    Lovely Greetje. Looks like you had a great time. My favorite outfit is the one with your new brogues. Fabulous!

  6. Marianne van den Berg
    22 May 2013 / 18:14

    The lime jacket can not look familiar because it is the first time that you show it. I like all three jackets. You have a jacket figure, sounds crazy but they just look so good on you. I like your small Parisian photo tour, gives me a trip along memory lane. I’ll bet the people in Paris will remember you, because there is something about Greetje you don’t know, when she laughs you have to laugh as well, because of her laugh being so catching.

    • 22 May 2013 / 19:22

      There are a lot of people in the train who will remember my laugh as well as I roared with laughter over something Lia said.
      And yes, you are right, I have a jacket figure.

  7. 22 May 2013 / 18:37

    First off, Happy Birthday if I missed it. What a fantastic gift you hubby gives you, I can’t wait to see more of your shopping experience. Isn’t wonderful to have friends like Lia? It was obvious from you photos that the two of you were having a wonderful time and Greetje, you definitely know how to travel in style!

    • 22 May 2013 / 19:24

      Noblesse oblige… as the French say(nobility obliges). As a blogger I have to give a good example haha.
      My birthday was in April, but we always have our trip in May or June. And yes, my husband is the best.

    • 23 May 2013 / 06:17

      Wow, I just read your response, do you think I can make enough typos in one comment or what. I guess I should stay away from responding quickly on my iPad.

    • 23 May 2013 / 07:10

      Did not even notice it until you said so. It happens to me all the time. I even delete nice comments instead of publishing them because of butter fingers.

  8. 22 May 2013 / 20:46

    Greetje, I love these photos because they are so spontaneous and you looks so happy and relaxed! I couldn’t live without my two best (girl)friends either and can perfectly understand how you feel.

    What a fabulous birthday gift. I love your non-tourist looks and can’t wait to see your purchases especially the statement necklace!

    Lady of Style

  9. 22 May 2013 / 21:29

    What a wonderful present.Spending quality time with your best friend in paris is a dream come true.
    You both look so happy.
    Happy Birthday, dear Greetje

    • 22 May 2013 / 21:45

      It is Sacramento. I have only featured Lia once in my post and after her consent. She is less attention seeking than I am haha.

  10. 22 May 2013 / 21:30

    You look fantastic, my dear 🙂
    Beautiful pictures and beautiful you.

    I can’t wait to September….. 😉


    • 22 May 2013 / 21:47

      I was thinking of you the whole time. Hope this gives you inspiration for your trip.

  11. 22 May 2013 / 21:42

    Yes I am happy (even now after a visit to the dentist who took out a molar!!! Horror). I know my white boots are not everybody’s taste but they are so comfortable. I am also beginning to think I should try and find a replacement for white boots, but as long as I still have them, I will use them.

  12. Happiness at Mid Life
    24 May 2013 / 06:48

    Your hubby is a very sweet man and how nice to just have a girls weekend. Love all your outfits and it looks like you had a lot of fun with your girlfriend. Sorry to hear about your new shoes hurting you, I hope this means they’ve broken in and it will be a little more comfortable next time.


    • 24 May 2013 / 10:00

      Yes they are fine now haha. If you can walk on them for 8 hours, you have done the job.

  13. 24 May 2013 / 15:12

    Very nice post of what sounds like a wonderful trip. Let’s not go into the white boots again…hahaha…

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