Anja is back in The Netherlands, and I can often twist her arm to take photographs of me. Which makes nicer pictures than me and my remote in the garden. Also…. if you smile at a human being, your smile is much more real than when you smile at a fence (behind the camera). Sometimes my husband pulls funny faces to make me laugh but I can never use those photographs as I look like a (laughing) hyena on them.

This time we went to a pub called The coat of arms of Kennemerland, referring to the district we are in. But everybody calls it: The stinking bucket. No idea why; we couldn’t smell anything.

At the side of the pub there is a lovely terrace with a view over pastures with a small forest at the end.
This day the sun decided to come out. How lucky can you get!! We are now at the end of May and still have not seen more than 3 days of warmth and sunshine in this country. Everybody is moaning.

I hesitated whether I should only use the photos with the green jacket and save the ones with the black&white jacket for another post. However, I have already planned another article with these boyfriend jeans as we shot many different combinations. (You can have too much of a good thing. Or not?)
Besides you already saw the black&white jacket last Tuesday in my Paris article, combined with my boyfriend jeans and brogues.
The jackets and shoes were easily changed without upsetting the other guests on the terrace. Changing trousers or top would have been a different story haha.




Although sunny… also windy.


My green bag, bought in Rome last year. A bit of a different green, but I decided it was OK.
Below: black and white jacket buttoned up and with the sleeves left long:
Below: buttoned up and with the sleeves scrunched:



Below: unbuttoned with the sleeves scrunched:



Below and above: my lovey red shopper, also bought in Rome last year.
Both jackets are by Irie Wash, apparently a French make. You just bung it in the washing machine, hang it up to dry and voilà…. ready to wear.

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