White purple dress 5

 Last Thursday you saw my yellow sandals with a flap. Today you see them without the flap. I think the flap is too much in combination with this  dress. 

After I bought the dress I found out that the purple dots were hand printed…. which means: dry clean only. Bummer …. The brand name of the dress is S. Sung which means: Samantha Sung, made in Bali.

I bought it a couple of years ago when I was shopping with a male friend. After visiting numerous men shops I was a bit bored and wandered to the womens section. And saw this dress. Could not resist it.
The funny thing is, that two weeks later I was (motor)boating with my husband along the canals of Amsterdam and we passed a shop. I saw a lovely dress in the window and asked my husband to reverse. Only to discover it was the same white/purple dress in an auxiliary branche of the shop. That was a good confirmation of my choice. I fell for it twice.  … “Sail on, darling”. …. (which is a bit of a silly expression when you have a motor boat, but that is what the dictionary told me).

White purple dress 2

White purple dress 3

White purple dress 1

White purple dress 6

White purple dress 7

White purple dress 4

Anja took the photos and suggested to wear the yellow sandals. I always wore this dress with white pumps. Boring aye?

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