Boating in Amsterdam 1
Last Saturday it was splendid weather, not too hot, not too cold. Perfect weather to go boating in Amsterdam with friends. I don’t know whether “boating” is the right word, but “sailing” with a motorboat sounds very silly to me.

This post has a lot of pictures (20 or so) and is especially for Dan from Italy who put in a request for photos of the Amsterdam canals LOL. But I hope everybody likes it.
Dressing for climbing over a boat, hoisting yourself up canal quays and winding ropes, is not easy. Fortunately I won a bar of soap called Zote at Heather’s blog The Style Confessions. And yes, it did get my white trousers white again (you should have seen the stains….).

Below: The Captain:Boating in Amsterdam 2Below: Amsterdam has a lot of houseboats:Boating in Amsterdam 3Below: our boat, baptized by my father who is called Meindert:Boating in Amsterdam 4

Boating in Amsterdam 5
Below: this is what people in Amsterdam do: they sit on their doorstep and read the paper. Relaxed.
(I did ask this good looking gentleman permission to publish his photo. I should have known this way of making contact when I was younger and single… what a chances I have missed…)Boating in Amsterdam 6
Below: we stopped off at a market where they sell flowers, vintage stuff, cheese, bread, olives, you name it. All biological. For lunch in the boat. Shopping in Amsterdam is nice !!Boating in Amsterdam 7
Below: I asked this lady if I could take her picture because she was looking so good. Boating in Amsterdam 8
Below: this is how all fashion winds up… in a pile at the market.Boating in Amsterdam 9
Below: we boated up north and stopped for coffee at this place (De hoop op d’Swarte walvis – Hope of the Black Wale):Boating in Amsterdam 10
Below: arguing with the captain over the route. Husband/wife, captain and being equal… does not go together very well.

Boating in Amsterdam 10a

Boating in Amsterdam 10aa

Boating in Amsterdam 10aaa

Below: this is where lots of tourists go as it shows you The Netherlands as it was half a century ago. It is not like this anymore. So tourists go to this small area to see mills hahaha. I managed to take pictures without them or I photoshopped them out of sight: Boating in Amsterdam 12
Boating in Amsterdam 11
Below: we saw these dogs leaning over a fence. We thought they were statues, but no… they moved. Mesmerized by our dog across the small ditch.Boating in Amsterdam 13
Below: after lunch and coffee, we headed back to Amsterdam. Tied up the boat and went for diner on a terrace. Where I saw this lovely lady with her stunning shoes:Boating in Amsterdam 14
Below: and back to the marina, straight through Amsterdam by twilight:Boating in Amsterdam 15

Boating in Amsterdam 15a

Boating in Amsterdam 16

Boating in Amsterdam 17
Below: this last picture shows you old and new: on the left a replica of a boat which used to house 100 sailors and to the right of the building a 2013-boat which is probably used by 4 people:Boating in Amsterdam 18
Hope you enjoyed the post. It was a wonderful day.

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