Kimono 1

On holiday I was out lunching with a friend and she was kind enough to take these pictures. It was one o’clock on a bright, sunny day. Not the best time to take photos. But I do not turn down such nice gestures especially not when it means a different environment. Makes a nice change from my garden.

Here I am in Amsterdam, where there is lots of green (trees, plants, parks). This Japanese kimono is made of silk in 1930. Hand panted, hand stitched … the works. Found it last year in Antwerp. Again my husband paid for it. I always knew he was a generous man. But it wasn’t until I started mentioning his gifts on this blog that I realised how generous ….
You have to carefully fold this jacket in a special way and keep it in special paper hidden in a draw. I sewed the red ribbon on the jacket so I don’t have to take it to the dry cleaners too often. In the old days they unpicked all the stitches, cleaned the parts and sewed everything back together. (Not anymore in 2013 and certainly not by lazy me.)

You have seen this kimono before in winter when I was trying it on my long black leather pencil skirt (what a mistake!). Then I stumbled upon the site of you look fab where Angie was saying that pairing such a jacket with jeans made a nice contrast. So I tried. And I think this looks rather nice. If I follow all Angie’s suggestions I think the outfit needs more casual boots.  I have not thought that one through yet. Besides… the weather was finally nice, so no boots but slingbacks.

Kimono 5

Kimono 2

Kimono 3

Kimono 4

Kimono 8 Kimono 6 Kimono 7
Nearly forgot to upload the photo (taken with an iPhone) of me and my friend’s baby boy.

Kimono 9
Sorry for the vague pictures, but there is an advantage too: “vague” takes years of my age haha.


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