Anchor blouse with B&W striped skirt 1

You will probably like this post as there is quite some variation. With a failure to finish it off. 

It is all about this horizontally striped skirt. I showed you this skirt before with my pink neon top and my lime sweater. I think I have worn it once and I am deeply ashamed. In my defense…. it was lousy weather till two weeks ago and it is a summer skirt. Beginning of July I visited the shop again where I bought the skirt. The sales assistent recognized me and remembered what I bought in March. Don’t you love people like this? They are made to sell. I am always so smitten / flattered by something like that, I want to show my appreciation by buying more. Am I the only one?

When I asked her for something else to wear with the skirt besides the pink neon top, she showed me this anchor blouse and said they would look lovely together. I doubted that very much. But the blouse is also very nice on jeans, so no risk in buying it. Which I did. What’s new?

Although everybody always seems to be able to make different prints match, I never do. And I have no clue how to do it. But…. I tried it and took a photo as this is the only way for me to judge it properly (the mirror lies).
LOVE it.  This girl is definitely going to see more of me. 

And I combined some more tops which are also very nice, making a mistake in the process. 
 Anchor blouse with B&W striped skirt 3

Anchor blouse with B&W striped skirt 2Below: with an orange T-shirt (ever so soft):
Orange shirt with B&W striped skirt 1 Orange shirt with B&W striped skirt 2Below: a soft orange jumperOrange top with B&W striped skirt 1Below: for those of you who did not click the link to the post with the pink neon top or the lime sweater, here they are (you lazy so-and-so’s…LOL). B&W striped pencil skirt and neon top 2

Lime sweater with black skinnies 5

 Below: here is the failure. Although my friend and stylist Anja says she quite likes it, I think it is hideous. Too many items with stripes. And the T-shirt over the skirt makes a very unflattering silhouette.  (Might also be because I forgot to take the black belt off underneath… which does not do much good for your waistline LOL.)

Orange shirt with B&W striped skirt 3



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