Summer flower dress 2
When I was at the seamstress one day, I saw this silk lying there and fell in love. We decided on the collar, the type of skirt etc. and she made me a trial dress in cotton…. Stupid me: when I tried it on I noticed that the waistline was a bit high up, but never said anything. Thinking I could always put a belt around it if I wanted the waist a bit lower. 

Well, you cannot. Because if you lift your arms, the material of the wide skirt creeps above the belt and stays there. So the blue/purple waistband was an addition later on. When I discovered the dress was a bit short. Quite an adventure, having something custom-made.  

In the last picture you will see, there was another thing we had to correct. 

I photographed the dress with three different pairs of shoes. Above you see purple/blue suede shoes, below patent leather blue shoes (also with a purple haze):
Summer flower dress 1
Then we also have red suede shoes (as seen in the kimono post):
Summer flower dress 5
Below: as I was trying to show my shoes, the cat decided she wanted to be in the picture:
Summer flower dress 4

Summer flower dress 3Below: and this is what happens when you turn around too fast:
Summer flower dress 6
Below: the shoes in close-up:
Summer flower dress shoes
Below: this is the dress before we altered the front bosom part… Emphasizing it with a big, big red rose was a bit too much in my opinion:
Summer flower dress 7I think that blue patent leather shoes (or blue / purple) are better with the dress than the red ones. Which ones do you prefer?

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