Oval polka dot summer dress 2
This dress is from a thrift shop. The material is very light which is nice in summer. If I had seen it in a normal shop I would have been prepared to pay a handsome price for it. (The brand is Laundry Industry.) But, to be perfect, it had to be 2 inches longer though.
Like many of you, I like polka dots. And black & white (as if you had not figured that out by now…).
I will give you a link to my white summer dress with purple polka dots but I won’t link to each and every black & white outfit on this blog. LOL.

Anja (friend an neighbour) shot a lot of photos of this dress last year. She styled it with a big red flower and this year I decided to combine it with my red oval paper beads necklace. Very light. You can order one yourself through Etsy. It is made by an artist from Germany. You can choose colour and length. She makes them to your specifications. Have a look at the pretty things Dorisse makes.

So with no further ado…. here are the pictures.  One photo of the dress with the flower from last year, the others from this year. I made some stupid pictures: arm in waist left, arm in waist right etc. Terribly boring.

Oval polka dot summer dress 3

Oval polka dot summer dress 4

Oval polka dot summer dress 1

Oval polka dot summer dress 5

Oval polka dot summer dress 6

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