Green Max Mara sweater 3
Every year my friend Lia and I go to a different European city. A present from my husband for my birthday. Lovely generous man.
Three years ago we went to Milan, a beautiful place. We roamed the city, visited the largest cemetry in Europe (the things you do when on holiday haha). And on the last day we shopped. I found perfect clothes at Max Mara, which is such a great Italian brand. Amongst others this green knitted tunic. My kind of green.

Side story:

Trying to lose 1 kilo /2.2 Lb (….. I know, I know… you think I am ridiculous) I had taken sugar out of my coffee. Even after drinking it like that for six months I still did not like it. Disappointed I started adding sugar again. And did not like that either. To me that was a small disaster. Coffee was my only true vice. And I think I am entitled to one vice.

 It was at Zucca in La Galleria, where they serve the best coffee of Milan, where I learned to appreciate coffee again. 

Below: me at Zucca, really enjoying my new found pleasure in coffee.Green Max Mara sweater 6
Below: I like to combine this sweater (tunic?) with dark blue 7/8 trousers:Green Max Mara sweater 5

Green Max Mara sweater 4

Green Max Mara sweater 1

Green Max Mara sweater 2
Below: another present from my husband: a brooch from 1930, rosé gold with onyx.Green Max Mara sweater brooch


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