jeans, corn colour T-shirt and scarf 1
Why not add my “Go To” outfit to all the others on the internet? My GT outfit will always start with shoes. To be precise flat shoes, usually ballerinas (Tommy Hilfiger in this case).  Even though I hate flat shoes on me.
In my opinion high heels are not comfortable. Although they don’t give my any problems and I can walk on them all day in the office (on carpet!), they stay in the closet when I wander about the house or go into town for shopping. 

Jeans are my second item for a GT outfit as you can put anything on jeans. It will always look good. 
This corn coloured T-shirt is meant to be tucked in at one side according to the strange rules of fashion. It suits me (normal T-shirts never do), so I follow this rule gladly. The scarf is there because the T-shirt is a bit boring. Anne of Playing with scarves can be proud of me.

It was strange weather that day in the garden. The sun went “now you see me, now you don’t”. For photographing the “now you don’t” was much better. So after lots of over-exposed and under-exposed pictures I finally came up with a few decent ones.
To show you our garden and new shed I did not crop all photos. Isn’t the garden getting nice and green?

Below: nearly fell into the pond by stepping back a little too much..

jeans, corn colour T-shirt and scarf 2

jeans, corn colour T-shirt and scarf 4a

jeans, corn colour T-shirt and scarf 3

jeans, corn colour T-shirt and scarf 5
Below: this scarf is long and narrow, but I pinned it to my shirt. Usually there are a lot of pins in my clothes to keep everything in place.
jeans, corn colour T-shirt and scarf 6
That’s it.
Oh.. nearly forgot: here is a link to about 100 other bloggers through Visible Monday.

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