Yellow summer dress 1
Two years ago I accompanied Ron (my husband) on a business daytrip to Antwerp and he insisted on buying this dress and cardigan for me. They are by  Xandres, a Belgian brand. He thougt it would look tough combined with red boots, which he also donated although I could not find the right pair. I found short ones (too short) and long ones (too long) and needed mid calf length.

The thing is…. wearing a summer dress with boots is impossibe for me. Boots are for when I am cold and this summer dress is for when the weather is hot. Loads of women seem to have no trouble in wearing such a combination. Especially shorts with boots are popular. In the old days, way, way back, I used to love that too. Jeans shorts with white linen boots. Much to the abhorrence of my more classic friends who used to cringe when I dressed that way to go to the beach with them. “Oh… nooo, not that common look, please no…” (In the eighties this was considered a bit common, at least by them.) I just made them suffer as it made me feel very sexy. Seems that wearing boots in hot weather did not bother me in those days. 

I will show you the dress with and without the cardigan. With fuchsia slingbacks (Unisa) and gladiator sandals (Moccio). At the end the combinations with black shoes, nude shoes and the red (short) boots.
The dress is a bit tight across the chest (what’s new?) and the hem should be a few inches lower. But my husband says that this is all nonsense. He thinks this dress looks lovely. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

Yellow summer dress 2

Yellow summer dress 3Below: without the cardigan… well.. this was the only one of the 35 photos which is sort of alright.Yellow summer dress 9aBelow: sideways it is getting a bit… how shall I put it? ..  not so good???
Now do you believe I am a size Large?Yellow summer dress 10Below: to compensate the above picture, here is a nicer one:Yellow summer dress 9Below: the dress with black shoes, nude shoes and red boots. I think the last one is even rather childish.[threecol_one]Yellow summer dress 4[/threecol_one] [threecol_one]Yellow summer dress 5[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Yellow summer dress 6[/threecol_one_last]Greetje


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