Checked blouse and mint green booties

Checked blouse and mint green booties 1The facts that the colours were so vivid and that the blouse closed properly over my bosom spoke greatly in its favour. Coming home I remembered I bought some mint green booties a month ago in the sale for next to nothing. Don’t they make a good combination? 

This means I can be casual, walk on flat shoes and still look the part. Those are my favourite outfits.

The shop were they sold this lovely blouse is called Perfectly Basics. This is really an online shop, but you can also go to their headoffice in Haarlem and try it there. Which I did. Of course the fact that the blouse is rather explicit, means you cannot wear it that often. As the girl in the shop tried to point out. What a breath of fresh air she was. At last an honest sales lady. She showed me a similar blouse, cream coloured. Of course you can put a thousand colours tops underneath a cream blouse, making that a much wiser investment (and it was a lot cheaper too). But the cream one did not fit properly across the chest and I am pigheaded.

The pendant on a leather string is a leaf dipped in gold. Found at an arts and crafts market in Paris last May. Perhaps a bit dowdy, but I like it.

Checked blouse and mint green booties 2
Below: suddenly I have a bum! Great!
Checked blouse and mint green booties 5
Below: at the left with normal jeans. At the right with skinny jeans.
I really don’t like these skinny blue jeans on me with a long(ish) top. Much prefer them with a short dress and heels. My black skinnies are fine but these blue ones make me look silly.[twocol_one]Checked blouse and mint green booties 4[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Checked blouse and mint green booties 6[/twocol_one_last][threecol_one]Checked blouse and mint green booties 11[/threecol_one] [threecol_one]Checked blouse and mint green booties 12[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Checked blouse and mint green booties 10[/threecol_one_last]Below: trying to take photos in The Netherlands, where the wind always seems to blow…Checked blouse and mint green booties 7
Below: with two of my next door neighbour girls, who pose like professionals. They aren’t sisters; their moms just bought the same T-shirt.
Checked blouse and mint green booties 9
I forgot to mention that my husband’s reaction to this blouse was: Yee-haa…. Thanks dear.





    • Greetje
      26 August 2013 / 21:37

      Oh Jeannie how nice to hear from you. You haven’t disappeared completely! Thank you for your nice comment.

  1. 26 August 2013 / 23:35

    First off, those mint green booties are the best! I would be putting them to some good use, love mint green with black, navy, pink and I love wearing booties with skirts as well as pants. Great find, my friend. I also think it was worth the extra $ to purchase that blouse instead of just the plain cream one, it’s got so much personality. You can also wear unbottoned as a jacket with a fun tee underneath and you know me, I would be pairing it with a tee with a print or fun little graphic that matches one of the colors.
    Love your two little friends.

    • Greetje
      27 August 2013 / 05:44

      Thank you for the ideas my friend. I am going to try them.

  2. elle
    27 August 2013 / 00:47

    Great outfit, The plaid is great and relaxed for this casual outfit! The booties are wonderful in that color. Great job..Ignore the husband!
    XX, Elle

    • Greetje
      27 August 2013 / 05:47

      This time I will ignore him. LOL

    • Greetje
      27 August 2013 / 05:45

      Yes, so do I. The blue skinnies are looking strange.

      • Greetje
        27 August 2013 / 05:46

        And another problem solved.

  3. Happiness at Mid Life
    27 August 2013 / 07:02

    For someone that likes heels, you have some very fun flats shoe collection! I don’t own any green booties and not sure I would be bold enough to style them…I wouldn’t know where to start with them. Perfect easy going weekend outfit.


    • Greetje
      28 August 2013 / 20:31

      When I saw them in the shop I thought they would look good with jeans and I wear a lot of jeans. This blouse just coincided. And they were comfortable… and cheap because of the sale. Lovely combination of things.

  4. 27 August 2013 / 08:10

    I love this shirt Greetje, has beautiful colors. Take it as a compliment, I would even me. Continuing the romance between the jeans and you, always gorgeous. I like the look, and I like the pictures, you live in a beautiful place. Ah, the boots are very nice.

    • Greetje
      28 August 2013 / 20:31

      Aren’t they just? Very happy that they go so well with the blouse too.

    27 August 2013 / 11:45

    love the colors in that blouse and love those booties also

    • Greetje
      28 August 2013 / 20:32

      I am always on the look-out for bright colours although I come home with black a lot of the times too.

  6. 27 August 2013 / 20:39

    Your colouful shirt suits your body very well and the mint boots go well with it. Very informal look today! You three girls in the last photo are so cute!

    • Greetje
      28 August 2013 / 20:35

      Yes, as soon as I put my camera in the street, the girls want to have their photograph taken. I made a few really nice ones of the both of them too.
      And of course we all (their mothers and me) have a chat as this is a very friendly neighbourhood. Glad you like my informal look. Thursday you will see me in skirt again.

  7. Marianne
    27 August 2013 / 21:27

    What a fun blouse, so many colours and the perfect choise to wear with your normal jeans and I do so like your boots great colour and a real asset for your shoecollection. I am sure you will be surprised how many times you can combine them with your jeans and different tops. Add them for me on your I am tired of them in the far future list and put my name on the list.

    • Greetje
      28 August 2013 / 20:36

      Hahaha, I will put a red dot underneath them, indicating they are “sold” with your name in the dot.

  8. Rosemary
    28 August 2013 / 12:48

    Love your cute mint green booties! I would have trouble wearing those, as I don’t think they would look good with skirts. However, I bet they feel divine on, and they certainly work with your outfits. The fact that the shop was almost throwing them away is just a bonus!!

    Much love from England,
    Rose from

    • Greetje
      28 August 2013 / 20:38

      Usually I never find anything in the sale. But I was a happy girl when I discovered these.
      The blouse makes up for it though… LOL

  9. 29 August 2013 / 05:03

    I really like the bright colors in that top – very nice!

    (Haarlem was the first place in the Netherlands I ever visited – cute town!)

    • Greetje
      29 August 2013 / 05:36

      You have travelled a lot. And yes Haarlem is cute and I love it. But Amsterdam has my heart.

  10. 29 August 2013 / 05:37

    I love the vibrant colors on you and I also like the wind blown look. So natural and fun. And the mint green shoes, allowing you to walk for miles, turning heads along the way.

    • Greetje
      29 August 2013 / 05:48

      Haha, thank you Judith, but I have never been a “hear turner”.

  11. Red Tag Chic Los Angeles
    30 August 2013 / 15:56

    Haha… literally cracked me up with each of your pictures’ descriptions Greet! Those girls will surely give you a run for your money!!!


    • Greetje
      30 August 2013 / 21:28

      And I always think I am not funny enough, that I cannot let people laugh anymore. So thank you for this comment.

  12. 12 September 2013 / 02:26

    Hopping on a plane….I WANT those booties! I love the shirt too…not quite yee haw, but definitely has spirited and I like that. After you wrote about it, I see what you’re saying about the two pairs of jeans. You’re being a little harsh on yourself I think, because I didn’t notice just by looking at the photos that one pair suited you more. Now, is the last photo of you with the dark wash jeans on, or is it just the light, because you and the littles look fabulous?

    • Greetje
      12 September 2013 / 06:57

      They are the dark jeans in the last picture. You can hop on a plane and I will welcome you, but not for those booties as they are sold out. Sorry.
      I am preparing a couple of articles about Amsterdam and I am going to invite all my readers to come to Amsterdam either at the end of April or the end of August next year. I will be your guide through fashionable Amsterdam then.
      Maximum per group is 8 although I do not expect a crowd registering hahaha.

  13. 15 November 2013 / 17:52

    Love your shirt. Love the color combo of it. I’ll have to check out the online shop. Thx for sharing the link. OK back to your outfit, I love it completely. Those mint booties are too cute and so are those two little models. Have a great weekend.

    PS Visiting from Share-in-Style #18, Plaids!!! link-up.


    • Greetje
      16 November 2013 / 00:09

      I have to warn you Lenya, the blouse was pretty expensive being silk. One of those days when I could not help myself and went overboard with spending. If the online shop Perfectly Basics does not sell it anymore, perhaps you can find it somewhere else. It is by a brand called Equipment femme.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

    • Greetje
      16 November 2013 / 17:52

      Hi Jualferx, Spanish is not a language I master. I got your drift though and Google Translate did the rest haha. Thanks for the compliments.

  14. 17 November 2013 / 11:08

    Fabulous, my dear Greetje.
    I am so glad you join Share-inStyle.

    • Greetje
      17 November 2013 / 12:08

      In half a day I will link up to your Share-in-Style with my new post.

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