Leaf vest Pauw 1
It is so true that you can only really see what your outfit is like AFTER YOU HAVE TAKEN A PHOTO.
This time it not only showed me that the bag was too matchy/matchy (= not good in most cases… as in this case). It also showed me that the colour of the bag is far too severe with this white skirt. That did not show in the mirror.

For some strange reason there were no dog and no cat in the vicinity, so you will have to do with only me.

The skirt and vest are by Pauw, a heavily overpriced Dutch shop, with gorgeous stuff. I have written about it often enough. Truth is, that pieces from Pauw will last you decades. Fortunately….

The bag is by Longchamps and is still for sale. No idea what the brand of the shirt is, as I cut out the label. Perfect shirt, very soft and light. I am wearing jewellery with peridot: pendant, ring, earrings. This is a good colour for me as it is bright. You can see them in detail in a previous post about my grey wide trousers.

Leaf vest Pauw 1a

Leaf vest Pauw 3

Leaf vest Pauw 2
[twocol_one]Leaf vest Pauw 8[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Leaf vest Pauw 7[/twocol_one_last]As said, this vest is also nice with wide grey trousers (by Sarah Pacini) and a grey top. Grey wide trousers Pauw top
Sorry guys, I have not been able to insert any laughing material in this post.
Is this what people call “a writer’s block?”

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